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Workflows – BPM

Reduce time in YOUR Business Processes



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What’s a Workflow or a BPM Software Engine?

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]A Workflow is a study of the operational aspects of an activity of work: how tasks are structured, how they perform, what is their chronological order, how they are synchronized, how information flows (in many cases, documents to fill to comply the guidelines of quality standards such as ISO: 9001 standards or rules) that supports the tasks and how it tracks the performance of tasks. Generally the problems of workflow modeling with Petri nets.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]

A Workflow application automates the sequence of actions, activities or tasks used to implement the process, including monitoring the status of each of its stages and providing the tools necessary to manage it. In addition, this monitoring can be done visually: we know in what state a document is within a specific process through a control panel (Dashboard) or model a new workflow using graphical components, by integrating a document management software as Athento (based on Nuxeo) with Open Source tools such as Bonita BPM, Intalio, etc.

The purpose of workflow systems (workflow engines), or BPMS – Business Process Management Systems, is bringing people, processes and machinery in order to save time and speed completion of a job. These systems can work together from different physical locations, thus decreasing the uncertainty in the processes (what to do in the next step?) As the tool, the workflow implemented, reports what person should continue to work in flow or what state is the document on (lifecycle) after the previous stage.


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What advantages does a Workflow provide?

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Among several other advantages provided by the workflow (Workflow Engine) is the increased efficiency: each user of the Similarly, with respect to physical paper documents, the benefits will be far greater because the documents would not physically travel from table to table or office to office within a same company to be revised, modified or signed by various people, which can mean days of work for the management of a file.

Inside a solution with a Workflow – BPM Engine, this type of processes can be done in minutes, without requiring the travel of the physical document by courier (with associated costs) and always being accessible 24 hours 7 days a week, from anywhere with an Internet connection, to log-in the platform and following a request from another user on the system that we have engaged in teamwork.

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In addition to improving efficiency in terms of internal costs (transport, reducing time in the processes associated with documents), a powerful workflow engine means giving a faster response to your customers, an inner sense of commitment to technology (which contributes to the motivation of their employees) and a faster learning of the most repetitive processes of your business.

Moreover, the ability to monitor the present state of certain processes is really valuable, and it becomes increasingly necessary in today’s society Information. An environment without visual workflows, control panels etc. that does not monitor unending workflows. A BPM Workflow system will increase intangible but incalculable value in modern business: transparency.

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How much money can I save by implementing a workflow in my company? Workflow vs non-BPM workflow automation related to documents.

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The main factors influencing the savings obtained with a workflow engine are the number of people in the organization, the number of automated processes and the difference in time, additional costs (stamps, courier in the case of moving physical documents in traditional formats.) Thus, if a process is not implemented within a BPM tool that involves documents (approval and payment of invoices, review and submission of a budget) and several people (and even different departments in various branches of the same company) this process can suffer from productivity improvements to be funneled through a workflow up to 90%.

Workflows related to documents of some complexity, with more than five people involved and setbacks (if a stage is not satisfactory for some parameter and the flow must return back to an earlier stage) these type of tools is essential, since otherwise it is impractical to control in what state each document is (within the activity cycle of the document) or the next stage to be conducted and who is responsible. This makes repeated questions and steps, and external control on the status of certain documents (has the invoice X been paid? Have we sent Y budget to a customer?, what does it take to deliver the Z tender?) is unfeasible.

This all gets solved with a Document Management System with a Workflow (BPM) engine.

Imagine reducing response times by 90% by all the administrative staff and reduce shipping costs of paper documents to virtually 0.


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