Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Work faster and better with your queues: review documents sequentially


If you have to constantly review documents in queues, you will love this feature!

Now you can review documents sequentially, moving through the documents in the queue one after the other.

To activate this feature, please refer to our documentation.

And to work even faster, don’t forget that from any place in the document view, with the Ctrl-E keys, you can open the lifecycle window.

New features

  • Usability and user experience improvements in form retention policies

  • It is now possible to display the SLAs of a document in a queue + more info

  • It is now possible to export to Excel the options of a Choice field. In the list of options (from the field configuration), an “Excel” button has been enabled to download the option list in this format.

  • Now below a File type field, you can find a link to the selected document, so that you can move between documents more easily. + more info

  • It is now possible to create calendar events automatically from dates in date type fields. + more info

  • A double verification step has been added for deleting all documents in a space + more info

  • New operation to extract QR from Argentinean AFIP invoice

  • It is now possible to require users during the execution of a transition to link documentation to the transition + more info

  • It is now possible to translate documents with Athento + more info


  • Options have been added to the report export commands that allow greater control over the dates from which the information is to be exported. Specifically, the parameter daysago has been added to the commands,,

  • Updated redirects to the old document listing after the execution of some events.

  • Usability changes in the retention policies tab

  • Added more security to the certificate signing feature so that the option is disabled in case the user hijack tool is being used.

  • Now the document lifecycle state shown in the document header is automatically refreshed after moving the lifecycle.

  • Spanish translations were added to the signature templates + more info

  • Now the integration with Viafirma Documents also allows sending requests to Viafirma’s mobile application.

  • The Cloud tags tab of the form is hidden to move its content to another location in later versions.

  • In the spaces import feature, now the operations associated to the queues are imported.

  • In the integration with Viafirma Documents, when the main file of a signed document is updated in Athento, now all the policies associated with the document are saved in the feature viafirma.document.policies

  • Improvements in the performance of the text search


  • Fixed bug in the searchindexbyidnative command that caused empty permissions to be returned.

  • Fix in the conversion from TIF to PDF that prevented the preview in some cases.

  • Fixed bug in the filter of the form templates that wasn’t working. Now it filters by name and type.