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Why Yerbabuena?

Yerbabuena Software is a startup company that emerged from the University of Malaga in 2005. Since then we have received many awards, mainly due to our innovative ways of working.

  • High Potential Technology-Based Company by the Ministry of Industry in 2006
  • CAMPUS Project 2006
  • Rainbow Award for best co-operative initiative in 2007
  • Eureka Technology R&D project funded by the EU in 2008
  • Premio Andalucia Information Society in 2008
  • Special mention Socially Responsible Business in 2009
  • CAMPUS Project 2011

Yerbabuena Software brings fresh air to the smart document management and enterprise content management (ECM) market, using the latest technological innovation and serving customers worldwide with key customers in the financial sector, large industry and the government.

Technology: In Yerbabuena we use Open standards and the latest technology available to develop efficient, robust, scalable and fast solutions. We also work closely with our customers from the first meeting.

Passion: In Yerbabuena we work in an environment full of competitiveness and enthusiasm. This passion for what we do has led us to be one of the first companies in Andalusia to settle in Silicon Valley, the world capital of technological innovation, as well as the field of Enterprise Software.

Wisdom: We base our work on traditional values ​​such as freedom, empathy, solidarity and lifelong learning. We provide common sense and less common situations.

Empathy: We work to ensure the success of our customers and partners, and ultimately, improvements that translate into benefits for society. To achieve this goal, we always ensure that our customers concerns are well undestood, and by putting ourselves in their place, we are able to address their problems more efficiently.

Freedom: We rely on free software (open source) for all products and developments. As a result, our customers have full access to 100% of the developments made. This is an essential asset to your business continuity.

Efficiency: In Yerbabuena, we are not only obsessed with creating solutions, but also with making them better and faster. Our success is based on creating effective solutions for our customers and providing measurable improvements in a timely and cost effective manner.

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