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Webinar video: Document Management for People Management Departments

You can now watch the video of the webinar: Document Management for People Management Departments with Athento, last March 12, 2024.
Gestión Documental para Departamentos de Gestión de Personas / Document Management for People Management Departments
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Lorena Ramos

The video of the Webinar “Document Management for People Management Departments” by Athento is now available.

Our colleague Verónica Meza, showed live how Athento, a content management platform that boosts your document processes to make them faster and more efficient, can help to put documentation under control and optimize people management processes.

During the first part of the webinar, Verónica addressed some of the challenges presented by the selection, hiring and onboarding of employees, such as the intervention of different areas, working with documents with silos of information, the manual work involved in compiling documentation, and the management of documentation and personal data.

He then demonstrated live how Athento covers the processes of recruitment, selection, hiring, integration and support, performing two demonstrations on Document Management for People Management Departments within the platform itself.

In the first demonstration, the employee recruitment and selection process was addressed, with Verónica guiding step by step from the receipt of a resume to the selection of the final candidate. This included stages such as the request to complete a company form and the scheduling of interviews.

The second demonstration focused on the process of hiring, onboarding and management of employee documentation throughout their contract. It highlighted functionalities such as the request of documentation by e-mail according to the type of contract, the hierarchical organization of documents within the file and the automatic generation of contracts from templates, among other features.

Verónica also presented other functionalities of the document management software, such as the system’s ability to generate automated notifications addressed to employees, with the purpose of requesting the uploading of missing documentation in a file or updating it when necessary (validity and expired documents).

In addition, Verónica Meza explained the importance of having a “Single Employee File”, a common challenge for companies, as many replicate the management and processes of collection, maintenance, among others, of employee documents in different departments, resulting in duplicity of documents.

Finally, attendees had the opportunity to resolve their doubts through a round of questions, answered live.

If your organization is also facing these challenges, don’t miss this video or contact us, we will help you transform your business processes!