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The latest product news are here: lots of AI, our new community, integrations, the AthentoCare program and much more!
novedades del producto / product news
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Lorena Ramos

Today we want to share with you this talk that took place at #Acelera2023, where we presented the latest product news.

In this cutting-edge scenario, Athento presented the new Athento Community, a collaborative space that enhances interaction and knowledge sharing among Athento users.

Our colleagues also presented the AthentoCare Program, designed to provide exceptional support to users, taking the customer experience to the next level.

In addition, we saw demos of integration with leading platforms such as Slack and ChatGPT . The integration with the enterprise communication platform will facilitate real-time collaboration on documents for those Athento users who also work with Slack. As for OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence platform, it is put at the service of non-technical users for the definition of regular expressions in data extraction templates.

The Websockets or Channels technology is already available in Athento. In this demo, we saw how by using it, we can already know if there are other users working on the same document.

Finally, one of the most powerful product innovations is the new version of Document Request, which brings substantial improvements in the request of documents to external users. This version not only simplifies the configuration of the functionality, but also offers more control so that the internal user can decide at any time which documents to request from the external user.

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