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Speed of service and response to have external users in love with us

Improve the tracking, traceability and response time of external user requests by implementing your digital mailroom log.

Traceability in the reception, attention, delivery and response to external requests

Organizations receive requests and documents from abroad that must be referred to the internal team for resolution, so that they can be dealt with in a timely manner. The Digital mailroom, Correspondence Filing or the Incoming Desk, are some of the names by which the process of receiving requests, correspondence and documents from outside, as well as their referral within the organization, is known. The fluidity and traceability of this process is key to ensure the satisfaction of customers, suppliers, authorities, citizens and other external agents that interact with the organization.

Athento is the intelligent digital content management platform with which you can have a Digital mailroom that allows you to improve response times and management of requests from outside the organization.

They already have a Digital Mailroom with Athento:

What will you get with a corporate Digital Mailroom?

gestión documental para el sector bancario

What can you do with your Digital Mailroom?

Athento’s functionalities to transform the processes of reception and management of requests and documents.

A Cloud ready for corporate needs

Because your organization needs flexibility without compromising on security

Learn more about a Digital Mailroom

Consult our resources applicable to the Digital Mailroom, Filing of Correspondence or Inbound Desk.

Use case: Transform the digital mailroom for documents with Athento

Achieve speed and control in the attention and response to external users!

Organizations continuously receive documents from outside that have implications within specific business processes, such as the registration of an invoice or legal documentation.

This inbound documentation can be traced and subject to procedures and circumstances that make the process complex: with Athento you can digitize and optimize the entire process.

inbound and outbound register
caso de exito de gestion documental en aseguradoras

Successful case of entry registration in insurance companies:

La Caja -Generali Group- digitizes its mediation and claims process with Athento

In this success story, we will see how this Argentine insurance company managed to upgrade the speed of attention to lawsuits and mediation processes from the front desk, from where documents are received at the entity. With Athento, La Caja eliminated all the paper logistics of this process. The insurer has gone from 3 days to 10 minutes for case referrals.

Generation of documents from templates

Discover how to generate documents in a massive and automated way with Athento. You can use this functionality from your outbound register in Athento, to respond to external requests, using your corporate formats and leaving a record of the outgoing communication. In addition, with Athento you will be able to trigger approval flows of external communications, so you have everything under control.

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Get started now with Athento and try the product that is revolutionizing document management. Athento is an intelligent, versatile and powerful digital content management platform. It builds 100% digital workspaces by integrating processes, documents and data.