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Smart Digital Content Platform

automatic document generation

Use case: Automatic document generation

Achieve exceptional customer communication while maintaining control and traceability!

Business users expect agility and versatility in adjusting or modifying the content of customer communications, as well as ensuring a customer experience consistent with brand identity and communication in line with the times.

This becomes crucial when there are various communication channels through which customers expect to receive information: post, email, WhatsApp, SMS, chatbots, among others.

Automatic document generation presents itself as an effective solution to meet these demands.

The Result: Traceability of communications sent, cost savings, technological simplicity and impeccable customer communication, among other advantages!

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Download the free Use Case: Automatic document generation to learn how to achieve exceptional customer communication while maintaining continuous control and traceability with Athento.

In this Use Case, we explain some of the situations that companies face during the automatic generation of documents and how they can be successfully solved with Athento.

With this Use Case you will learn: