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Smart Digital Content Platform

Update: Data extraction templates are more powerful than ever!


The new extraction template previewer is now available. It is much more user-friendly. You can now define extraction zones on any page. The new previewer comes with improvements such as the possibility to disable extraction zones in order to work more comfortably. It is now also possible to define default values for a field at the template level or copy a dynamic expression defined in a form field.

Check the documentation for this feature:

How to create an extraction template from a document view?

How to create different data extraction templates for the same form?

Important! In order to provide multipage support, the calculation of extraction zones has been modified.

Some templates may require the zones to be adjusted. We recommend you to check your templates after the update.


  • Over the last few months we have gradually migrated the old documents tab to its new, faster and more usable version. It is now possible to customise the columns of this table at user level, publish a shortcut to the new view from the navigation, download in Excel and CSV among other options that will make you love this new tab. We will be ready to switch to this new view very soon. PR-765, PR-731, PR-734, PR-764, PR-794, PR-811 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • It is now possible to download a CSV with the report of all the contents of a folder in the navigation. +Info PR-773 😎


  • It is now possible to add dynamic expressions without having to access the advanced administration. +Info PR-896🤓
  • Some unused Update Center tabs were removed. PR-722 🧹🧹🧹
  • It is now possible to manually delete versions of a document. This event is recorded in the document history. PR-723 🗒️
  • By default, Athento Insights are loaded with the last week’s data. +Info PR-728
  • From an automation task, it is possible to indicate that new browser tabs should be opened. +Info PR-729
  • Several improvements have been added to the URL with the document preview filter. For example, it is now possible to zoom in on images. The usability and layout of the screen and the download button for documents have also been improved. +Info PR-746PR-748PR-752PR-805🔥🔥🔥
  • Access to dictionary management is now restricted to users within the administration group of a team. +Info PR-751 🔐
  • For document templates, the possibility of specifying an output format has been added. This will allow for a Word-type template, to produce a PDF format document as the output. +Info PR-755
  • Added a button in the advanced administration that allows copying the UUID of an operation. This is useful for e.g. testing its execution from Swagger. PR-768
  • Excel templates already support the insertion of image resources. +Info PR-799 🖼️
  • A button to resend the signature notification has been added to the dialogue box where you can see the signature status of a document in ViaFirma Documents. +Info PR-801
  • You can now store a user’s job title and use it in fields or templates. +Info PR-807
  • Version 2 of the op_check_document_duplicated operation now allows the parameters to be configured from the UI. PR-750 🦾
  • There is a new version of the automation task that splits a PDF by sorted pages. The new version op_split_v2 allows the configuration of the parameters from the user interface. PR-689 🦾
  • Code is added to translate some properties of the parameters in the op_automatic_relation_v2 operation. PR-688 🦾
  • data-athento-id has been added to field category items. PR-683 🤖


  • Fixes bug that prevented error messages from being displayed in quick changes of lifecycle states. PR-749
  • An error message is added when trying to create a template resource with a name longer than 50 characters.PR-747
  • Corrected errors found in the validators when changing the state of a lifecycle. The document validator required to make a transition in parallel lifecycles is also applied.PR-744
  • The document_request_page_template attribute of the DocumentRequestConfig is set as optional. In case it does not exist, the default template defined for document requests shall be used.PR-741
  • Fixed the filter available in the template resources table. It was not working correctly.PR-738
  • Fixes bug in Excel to PDF conversion operation PR-735
  • Importing documents from CSV was throwing a 500 due to calling a method with an incorrect argument. Corrected.PR-732
  • Fixed bug in add-ons import.PR-727
  • Fixed bug that prevented the use of keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste comments. PR-700
  • Fixed conflict and bug in reloading panels and screen from custom operations. PR-678, PR-695
  • Improved usability of the new document tab when previewing table type fields.PR-694
  • The button to clear the filters of the advanced search is deactivated when no filter is being used.PR-690
  • Messages are changed to messages according to the action when field automations are activated or deactivated.PR-687
  • Several unnecessary encodes are removed from the massive_export_doctype_report command. PR-684
  • Quality improvements and bug fixes in sequential document review from a queue. PR-677
  • Fixed bug in the import of field automations. PR-671