Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

At Athento, we continue to incorporate new features to streamline working with documents. The new QR code generator feature allows you to work with physical and digital documentation at the same time, as it is now possible to generate a QR code to link each physical document with its digital image.

You can generate a QR code from the Document menu through the “Generate QR Code” option.

Upon generating the code, it contains the identification (document ID) and date of creation. You also have other options for better usability, such as “Regenerate”, to generate a code again from scratch, “Download”, to download it, and “Print”, to print it. These options are completely configurable according to the specific characteristics of each document.

The QR code can be printed as a label and placed on physical documents, linking the information contained in both. In addition, this code—which is completely customizable—can include any metadata found in the form or Document Form.

Cloning the document form with each of its fields included is amongst the main novelties of the QR code generation. We also added a button to reset auto-increment fields.

Furthermore, we updated the “large-scale upload” option to redirect users to the login page or “log”.

Lastly, we fixed the bug in group tags so that it is simpler to add them.

All of this is part of the optimisation of our smart document management system, which now transcends the limits from the physical to the digital and brings them together through Athento’s comprehensive functionality.

You can view all documentation on using this feature at Generate QR codes in Athento.