Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Including content dynamically in documents with smart rules


In this release, we take document composition to another level!

Your templates will now be smarter and you can insert dynamic content such as text or images. In addition to the possibility of printing field values on the template, you can now print any other information without the need to store it in fields. The new version also offers an interface for defining conditions or rules for dynamically printing content or resources. This interface works in the same way as our advanced search feature that you already know and use. See the documentation for this feature. 

In the next iterations, we will introduce new improvements to this functionality so that you can create and maintain your templates faster. For now, we leave you with this video so you can enjoy this new feature as much as we are already using it!


  • It is now possible to hide columns of a table field or make the content of a column read-only. +Info


  • Athento now converts date-type fields to the format configured in the field, even if the user enters it in a different format. PR-594 ✨
  • It is now possible to indicate which fields contain sensitive information so that Athento support users cannot see the information contained in them. +Info PR-599 🔐
  • A new version of the op_watermark_v2 automation task is available. It supports HTML as well as field values. +Info PR-668
  • The integration with Viafirma Documents now allows the use of templates with more than one signatory. +Info PR-682
  • Filters for Boolean fields are now available in the advanced search. PR-669
  • It is now possible to reset the value of an autoincrement field to a specific value. Before this release, after resetting the field, new numbers always started at 0. +Info PR-739 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
  • It is now possible to filter by the content of Link, Autoincrement, Text Area, and Related choices fields in the new document tab. PR-731 PR-734
  • The text that appears in the Lifecycle change dropdown has been made more user-friendly. PR-672
  • Enhancement of vocabularies query web services for backward compatibility with ECM. PR-717
  • The default reporting time period for Insights is changed to the last week. +Info PR-728
  • The version history labels have changed. They are now more descriptive. PR-704
  • Usability improvements in the filter cleaning button of the advanced search. PR-757
  • Added data-athento-id to the quick action menu buttons in the document view, to the buttons in the document header, and metadata categories. PR-703
  • New version of the op_send_delivery operation with easier-to-configure parameters. +Info PR-680
  • Now the Viafirma Inbox integration app requires the user_code parameter needed for its operation. +Info PR-686
  • It is now possible to export all documents listed in the new documents tab. In future versions, this functionality will be enabled in the background. +Info PR-692
  • You can now configure that a task type must be completed before a transition can be made. +Info PR-646


  • Fixes bug that caused the selected space and form, not to be taken into account when creating a document from a table type field. PR-593
  • Fixed bug when accessing Swagger API. PR-769
  • Various fixes to metadata automation imports.
  • Fixed bug in code that caused automatic downloading of PR-740
  • Fixed autoincrement field reset tooltip. PR-789
  • Fixes bug that caused the default form for related documents to be ignored when they were created from the navigation. PR-788
  • Fixes bug where a boolean field was required to be filled in to make a transition. PR-782
  • Multiple corrections in translations.