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Semantics and Content Management


Semantic technologies aim to extract the meaning of information. In other words they provide for the autorecognition of topics and content allowing information to be categorised. So you might ask: how does this apply to document management? As with one of the biggest improvements to the web, semantic technology has vastly improved Document Management software´s ability to search and index documents.

How does this help?

Searches of business documents and content are imprecise because traditional search engines are unable to interpret the meaning of user searches. This lack of “understanding” for the way in which a human performs a search, generates inaccurate results. Applying semantic technologies to document management can give context to what users are looking for and deliver more precise results. The use of semantics reduces the time it takes to find information and ulitmately saves money.

How does Athento use Semantics?

Semantic technologies maximise the efficiency of the Athento search engine. Athento indexes the content of a document with search terms relevant to that document. These terms are presented in a tag cloud. Athento uses the DBPedia ontology or an ontology provided by the client, to see which terms are relevant to a search. This is known as the modulus of Athento auto-tagging and its benefit is that it allows fast navigation through documents that are related.

Do other Content Management Systems apply semantic technologies?

Athento has been one of the ECM software pioneers to apply semantic technologies. Now as other vendors begin to think of semantics, Athento remains today the most accurate service on the market. Click here for more information on semantics and trends in document management or the operation of auto-tagging.


Athento has already provided hundreds of businesses solutions. Here are some of our success stories, if you would like to read more see our Resources section where you can download content from document management and ECM as whitepapers and other success stories:


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