Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Document management for the banking sector

A framework to transform banking processes

Unleash your creativity, reimagine and transform all processes related to the capture and management of your bank's documentation.

Transform with Athento any process that revolves around documents

Athento is an intelligent digital content management platform, developed with a low-code vision that allows business users to quickly configure processes, without giving up the flexibility, power and extensibility offered by its development framework. The definition of low-code processes + Athento’s development framework will allow you to reimagine and transform processes such as:

They already work with Athento:

The things that consume the most bank resources and that you can automate with Athento

gestión documental para el sector bancario

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Athento’s functionalities to transform your bank’s processes

A Cloud ready for the bank's needs

Because the bank needs flexibility without compromising on security

Document Management Resources for the Banking Sector

Check out our Document Management for Banking resources to learn what Athento can do for your bank

Athento, a framework for transforming banking processes

Use case: Transforming banking processes

Overcome inefficiencies related to customer file documentation!

In this ebook, we tell you which document-related processes in the banking sector can be transformed with Athento to ensure better operations.

Learn how to solve: the management of physical and digital documentation, challenges related to the bank’s customer user experience, collaboration with external agencies and the standardization of contractual documentation.

Request for documents from customers

There are many processes in which the bank must request documents from customers. For example, when you want to compose the customer file to evaluate an application or to process the contracting of a product.

The request of documents to customers can be done with Athento, ensuring that the documents are accessible from the core and from the document manager.

Generation of documents from templates

Discover how to generate documents in a massive and automated way with Athento. This video will be useful if you frequently send letters or documents to customers and need to automate this process.

In the session we show how to use templates to generate PDFs in bulk to send to our customers. In addition, you will see how to maintain control of the templates to ensure consistent branding. With the lifecycles, you will learn how to manage, version, review and approve templates.

Ready to transform your bank?

Get started now with Athento and try the product that is revolutionizing document management for the banking sector. Athento is an intelligent, versatile and powerful digital content management platform. It builds 100% digital workspaces by integrating processes, documents and data.