Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Save time with the new clipboard feature 😉


Athento’s clipboard is now available and will save you time when working with documents. Use the clipboard to move several documents or one by one between different folders. This is just the beginning, very soon we will add more functionality to the clipboard such as downloading multiple documents in zip format.


  • New filter available from the advanced search: filter documents by empty fields or by fields with value. +Info


  • The Send appoinment to calendar ⏰ automation task is now easier to set up and supports date/time type fields to also indicate the time of an event, and multi-user type fields to notify multiple users. +Info.
  • Updated React libraries
  • Improvements in the animations that are shown when reaching the goal state of the lifecycle.
  • Improvements in the way user, dictionary, and group type fields are displayed in search filters.
  • Improved advanced search filters by Document type fields. Now it is possible to apply field specific settings in the filter options.📢
  • Fixes and enhancements to the functionality that allows adding pages to a PDF file by replacing the main content of a document. +Info
  • Improvements in the display of folder forms from the navigation, so that the choice type fields show the labels instead of the values.
  • It is now possible to display documents as thumbnails from the advanced search. +Info 📢
  • Revised translations of the dialog boxes of the Viafirma Inbox integration.
  • Now it is possible to convert a simple folder to a folder form from the navigation. +Info 📢
  • It is now possible from the preview of the search results, to advance to documents that are not on the first page of results.
  • It is now possible to preview PDFs and images from the list of documents in the search by hovering over the title of the documents. 📢
  • Export access controls have been added. Non-administrator users will now be able to access only exports they have generated themselves.
  • Only fields marked as “searchable” are now available from the advanced search engine. +Info
  • More control was added over access to form settings by non-admin users.
  • Now only spaces belonging to the active Team are available for filtering in the search engine.
  • Added greater access controls to the Health menu functions.
  • Functionality to sort the columns of the advanced search results is introduced. 📢
  • We tripled the security of the cloud service! Athento cloud service now offers up to 3 different backups, located in different datacenters. 📢📢📢


  • Fixed bug when displaying parallel lifecycle states in a document.
  • Fixed bug in Python3 for the password reset feature.
  • Fixed bug in displaying multi-user type fields.
  • Fixed bug in drag&drop feature on the navigation.
  • Fixed bug in access log.
  • Fixes for Python 3 in the integration with Viafirma Documents. Callback of the signed document is back to work.
  • Fixed bug in the folder creation dialog box.
  • Fixed bug that prevented to move between documents in the documents preview carousel of a queue.
  • Fixed bug in the control of allowed extensions when using drag&drop.
  • Fixed bug in displaying platform logs.
  • Fixed bug in the selection of templates to generate related documents.
  • Fixes and performance improvements in the visualization of group (and other) field values from the navigation.
  • Error in the integration with OneDrive has been corrected.