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Requesting documents from customers

In this article we will see the capabilities of Athento so that without leaving the platform we can make document requests to customers or external users.
solicitud de documentos a clientes / requesting documents from customers
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Veronica Meza

There are multiple business processes in which it is necessary to request documents from customers. One of the most typical is customer onboarding. For example, when you want to compose the customer file to evaluate an application or to process the contracting of a product.

The request of documents to clients in digital format can be made from the client’s core system, if the latter provides this functionality, or it can be done from Athento, ensuring that the documents are accessible from the core and from the document manager.

How to request documents from customers with Athento

To make a digital document request to a client from Athento, we need to have at least one email address of our client to which we can send the document request. This can also be done with a mobile or cell phone number. This contact information can be stored in our file as fields.

datos de contacto del cliente

Using the Send Document Request operation of our automation Marketplace, it is possible to send a link to the customer via email or SMS so that the customer can upload the documents digitally. The automation can be executed on demand – by an agent or person – or in an automated way, depending on the business process.

Ensuring that the customer feels secure

Of course, when companies want to implement such a solution, they have several concerns that we will see below.

The solution we choose must give confidence to our customer and offer the best possible user experience. To do this, we must ensure that:

The customer feels inside our technological ecosystem

This can be achieved with simple elements such as:

  • Using our own domain for access to the document upload page.
  • Using our email domains for notifications sent to the customer.
  • Using our branding so that the client identifies that he is inside our systems and feels at ease.

All of the above options are possible with Athento. I would like to delve a little deeper into the last point, commenting that the latest version of Athento already allows total control over the look & feel of the document upload page. To do so, Athento allows the loading of a style layer that gives the client 100% control over the way the page looks. This style layer supports :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

In the main image of this article we can see an example of a customized page for uploading documents.

Uploading documents is easy

Humans are very diverse and have different technological skills and knowledge, as well as a multitude of devices. Internet access is also not the same for everyone. Therefore, the solution we choose must be usable and accessible.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Athento’s functionality to achieve a pleasant user experience and facilitate the loading of documentation.

  • The customizable style layer supported by Athento can be fully responsive, to adapt to different devices.
  • It is possible to include custom information useful for our users, as well as dynamic information included in our configurations (supported formats and sizes) or contextual help for users.
  • Users can drag and drop documents, receiving feedback on their upload.
  • Users can resume the process if they leave the page, so that if they have connection problems, they can do this upload when they have access to a more stable connection.
  • Users can see which documents they have already contributed to the process.

pagina de subida desde un iphone x

Uploading documents is secure

Athento allows us to have peace of mind regarding the documents we are going to receive. The request of documents is safe with Athento, since it provides the following protection mechanisms.

  • From the configuration of the space to which the documents are to be uploaded, we can control which types of files we will allow to be uploaded, as well as their size. In this way, they will not be able to upload malicious software. In addition, it is possible to quarantine the received documentation.
  • Upload links can expire after a certain period of time.
  • Athento allows to request to the client at the moment of accessing the link, a security code (OTP) that can be sent to the client’s cell phone. It would also be possible to ask the customer for an additional piece of information, such as the expiration date of their ID card.
    Recaptcha is also possible.

Next, in this video we will see how the document request works with Athento.