Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Request documents from customers with a custom branding client portal


Now you can build with Athento a custom branding client portal or customized document request page that fits your brand image.

From now on, Athento supports a customizable HTML and CSS styles layer that will give you full control over the elements on the screen. This new feature also:

  • supports responsive styles
  • includes Javascript support to create dynamic effects.
  • allows displaying in the client portal customized information for your customers.

To build your own custom branding client portal, you can follow the documentation below:


  • Some translations have been added in the space configuration and in the drag&drop feature.
  • Our documentation is now available at
  • Changes have been made in the integration with Viafirma Inbox: Added callback URL to be able to update the document when using workflows in Inbox. The popup with the document signature information now shows all the signers when working with workflows in Inbox.
  • In this release, important changes have been made to the way Athento handles drop-down/select fields. The refactoring of this feature removes unnecessary code lines and controls and relocates the functionality within the current logic of the product. This change also solves problems with updating this type of field. At the user level, it should be noted that the reimplementation introduces the concept of subtype for fields. All drop-down list fields in Athento are now of type Choice. It is the subtype that defines the type of drop-down list (Dictionaries, Mastertables, Users, Groups, Choices). +More info
  • Now when previewing images from the Related Documents panel, you will be able to zoom in, zoom out and rotate them. +More info
  • A limit of 10 tabs is added to the navigation tabs. If the user has 10 open and opens one more, the oldest one will disappear. +More info.
  • The attribute target=blank has been added to the Link type fields. This allows you to open the link in a new browser tab, without leaving Athento. +More info.


  • Fixed bug that prevented filtering user fields by a group.
  • Fixed errors in the automation task page extraction op_extract_page.
  • New security control that prevents the username to be used as a password.