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Product audits in Athento for companies in the retail sector

Newsan and SocialPath bring a use case from the retail sector in which they show how it is possible to manage Product Audits with Athento.
Auditorías de productos / Product audits
Lorena Ramos

Lorena Ramos

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, efficiency and accuracy are key to the success of any company. In this context, product management and auditing becomes a vital component to ensure quality, compliance and competitiveness.

At #Acelera2023 we had the pleasure of hearing Newsan’s success story. Newsan is an Argentine group that manufactures, markets and distributes consumer electronics and household goods since 1987. The company has 7 industrial plants, exports to more than 70 countries and in 2022 its sales reached 1785 million dollars.

When distributors of products manufactured or marketed by Newsan consider that any of these products present an anomaly in the quality standards managed by the company, they can request the return of the product. Product returns require product audits to certify product defects.

Prior to 2020, product audits were conducted physically and in person at Newsan distributors’ or retailers’ warehouses. Argentina’s geography is very extensive, which makes it difficult to perform in-person audits for all of the company’s customers. In addition, the pandemic brought new limitations. For this reason, audits are now conducted via email.

But of course, carrying out audit control via email was not as efficient as Newsan had hoped, and the company was aiming to extend the service to many more distributors. Newsan wanted a professional tool that would allow them to control and streamline their Returns Policy. The challenge was also complex because each Newsan customer has its own operations and the collaboration has its own particularities.

That’s the moment when SocialPath – Athento’s partner in Argentina – and the tool that you already know 😉

Through the Athento development framework, a mobile application developed by SocialPath and integrated into the audit management process configured in Athento, Newsan was able to make the leap in quality it was looking for. With Athento and the solution proposed by SocialPath experts, Newsan was able to reduce its response times to retailers, as well as reduce the rate of returns thanks to the controls implemented. At the same time, Newsan now provides a much more convenient and transparent returns service to its customers.

Athento not only facilitates product auditing, but also ensures agile and adaptive business management in the retail sector.

The combination of automation, accuracy and operational efficiency positions companies to achieve higher levels of performance and customer satisfaction. That’s why Athento proves to be a solid choice for companies looking to improve their competitiveness and efficiency in retail product management.

In the following video, we explore with Newsan and SocialPath, how Athento can be a comprehensive solution for retail companies in their product audit processes.