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Smart Digital Content Platform

Use case: Paperless Employee Hiring Process

Centralized documentation for efficient procurement!

The employee recruitment process is still often paper-intensive. Moreover, it is a procedure that involves different actors such as employees, HR departments, agencies and temporary employment agencies.

With Athento it is possible to keep the documentation under strict centralized control to comply with legal regulations and maintain traceability of related actions in a completely digital, paperless process!

The Result: One digital file for each employee, elimination of logistics and costs associated with paper, avoidance of duplication, control of expiration, centralization of documents, among other advantages!

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Download the free Use Case: Paperless Employee Hiring Process to learn how to achieve efficient hiring through centralized documentation with Athento.

In this Use Case, we explain some of the situations that companies face during an employee hiring process and how they can be successfully resolved with Athento.

With this Use Case you will learn: