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Now It’s Possible to Implement Business Processes in Athento in Just 5 Minutes

At Athento,we strive to continuously improve the management of business processes so that it’s as easy and effective as possible. To do so, we’ve included a new feature which will make your work when it comes to implementing business processes much more simple, quick, and efficient, all in record time. You can now use this new feature which will allow you to design processes and work flows in just 5 minutes, without needing to resort to programming.

Click the links below to see all the details on how to quickly design any process you need using our document management system software. Here you can find the information you need to know how to implement business processes with Athento:

In addition, in this update, we have added new characteristics:

  • A new tab for the document’s history. It records the changes in the lifecycle so that you always have control over each file’s movement.
  • Link to obligatory fields in the stage of a lifecycle from the interface, simplifying the previous way of doing of this same process.
  • Introduction of automated processes associated with a change in lifecycle in order to simplify use of the system and reduce the time spent changing cycles as much as possible.

Amongst the updates that allow you to implement business processes with Athento, you’ll now find:

  • Better design of lifecycles.
  • Link between comments and transitions.
  • Improved visualisation of the lifecycle.
  • An improved internal record of each document’s changes in lifecycle.

To finish off this update, we corrected the flow chart error when no lifecycle is established.

Try Athento now for free or log in to your account and start trying out the system’s new possibilities. It will make your document management work easier