Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

More powerful and secure public forms


Our public forms have become more powerful and flexible offering solutions to challenges related to sharing and receiving documents from external users such as customers or other stakeholders.

For an instance, now it’s possible to share the field values of an existing document so that an external user can see them and even edit the fields we choose. This is useful for example when we want customers to update their data.

Also, now the public links come in three different flavors 😉

  • Document creation link: the one you already know, creates new documents with a specific form and on a specific space.
  • Read link: allows you to display the form of a document already existing in Athento with all its data. Users won’t be able to make changes to the data.
  • Editable link: allows you to show the form of an existing document to edit its data.

Security is very important, that’s why now:

  • You can create public links that expire after a period of time. +more info
  • Protect your links with OTP codes. +more info
  • Require extra information from users to enter the forms, create new documents or edit theem. +More info
  • Now sending the public form generates a new version of the document within Athento.


  • Now it is now possible to import dictionaries from pre-productive environments. +More info
  • Support for DICOM images. +More info


  • Usability improvement: When there are no forms, a highlighted tip will be shown with information about how to create them.
  • Usability improvement: In the comments dialog box, the form to write a comment has been placed at the top of the window, to facilitate the entry of new comments. Also, comments are now displayed from the most recent to the oldest.
  • It is now possible to enable the export of form data from the team configuration. +More Info
  • Different automated test cases have been added.
  • Usability improvement: when editing a lifecycle, the option to return to the form configuration has been added.
  • Usability improvement: when creating forms, if there is no space created in the team, a message is displayed to the user to create a space first and the create button in the dialog box is disabled.
  • Athento.DocumentCreate service implements the validation of the mime-types defined in the space. +More info
  • Password change will now require an OTP verification code for those users who have the two-factor authentication enabled. +More info
  • It is now possible to preview .heic images from the preview of related documents.
  • New security check that removes HTML tags from fields to prevent insertion of malicious code, but allows users to use characters such as “<>” without having them removed from field text.
  • The CSV export of the lifecycle report now includes all active lifecycles for the form. +More info
  • Improvements in translations.


    • Various adjustments and improvements in the management of languages and translations of the tool.
    • Fixed the setReadonlyMetadata()method of utilities.js so that when called with action “true” the field is shown as read-only.
    • The Delete metadata and Clear metadata options have been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Generate QR option to be displayed twice in the document options.
    • Fix bug that prevented the reloading of the data of the life cycles in parallel, when the status of a document is modified.
    • Fixed bug in the creation of trial accounts.
    • The signature Template tab was not displayed from all the tabs of the form.
    • Fixed bug that affected the correct display of the massive import.
    • Fixed bug that prevented to use of the arrows in the preview of related documents in some specific situations.
    • Fixed bug that prevented the activation of the .tif extension in a space.