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Explore Athento’s features through our online live demo videos

Athento. A Quick overview

Athento is a powerful ECM platform. Athento makes easier to work on documents by applying the most advanced technologies such as Semantics, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Check its new interface in this video.

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Athento is also Document Capture Software


Using an OCR engine Athento gets information from scanned documents quickly and easily. The Athento OCR module can be integrated into a document management software solution, such as Nuxeo, Sharepoint, Open Text or Alfresco. In this case, we’re going to see it on top of Nuxeo.

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Semantic self-labeling of documents

Athento’s Autotagging plugin or self-labeling of documents, uses Semantics to automatically find key terms in documents and turn them into labels that connect to other documents which include the same terms.

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Autotagging on Alfresco

Via CMIS, it is possible to use Athento’s Autotagging on top of Alfresco. In this video you will see how Athento automatically find key words in documents and turn them into tags by applying Semantics.

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Autotagging on Box

Athento’s Autotagging can also be used as a service. This means that It can be called from an API -in this case Box’s API- and it returns whatever the service was made for -in this case, it returns tags!-. In other words, it is possible to use Autotagging from on-line applications that work with documents like Box.

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Automatic data extraction

Forget doing data entry work. Athento automatically extracts data from documents and push this data as metadata into ECM platforms like SharePoint, Alfresco, Nuxeo or Open Text. Quicker and easier!

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Automatic document recognition and sorting

Athento can identify types of documents. Once on Athento, documents are identified, sorted, classified, and processed based on document type. In this video, we will see Athento classifying clinical docs from a hospital.

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