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Learn how to Integrate Athento in 30 minutes

Learn how to integrate Athento from our product team and in just 30 minutes! 🚀 #IntegrateAthento #APIREST ✨
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In today’s business ecosystem, efficient document and digital content management is essential to optimize operations and drive growth. Athento is a leading document management platform that offers a powerful and versatile REST API for integrating its functionality into other systems and applications. In this article, we explain how to integrate Athento quickly and effectively, and in as little as 30 minutes using its REST API.

Athento’s REST API is a very useful tool for our customers as it allows them to integrate Athento with any application or system. Thus, the Athento API offers the ability to update, create, download and delete documents, as well as perform powerful searches, with a very simple operation, using ATQL.

All Athento API responses follow HTTP standards and validate any Athento authorization, thus allowing the creation, retrieval, modification, download and deletion of documents and users in an efficient and HTTP standards compliant way.

For the search of documents with the API, it can be done through the Query or the Resultset, with the difference that in the latter it is possible to indicate the information that is returned.

In addition to the product documentation, the API documentation can be consulted from the product interface itself.

Live demo: how to integrate Athento in 30 minutes

The attendees of the Athento #Acelera2023 event had the opportunity to learn live how to integrate Athento from our product team who showed the step by step.

We share the video of the event in which our colleague Sixto Coca explains the general concepts about how to integrate Athento, what the API allows to do and how to use it.

In addition, in the video there are different live demonstrations about:

  • Document management: how to create, obtain, modify and delete documents or download binaries. As well as the requests to be included.
  • User management: how to create and obtain groups, how to obtain and edit users, activate and deactivate users. As well as the requests to be included.
  • Searching: options for searching documents with the API.

The power and ease of integration of Athento through its REST API allows companies to transform and optimize their business processes, and increase their operational efficiency in record time.

If your company is looking to significantly upgrade processes involving digital documents and content, contact us and we will help you reimagine and transform all processes related to document capture and management.

We leave you with the video demonstration on how to integrate Athento!