Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

As part of the continuous improvement of our Document Management Solution, Athento has incorporated a new function that will be very useful to users. Now you can add comments directly on work documents.

This new feature allows users to leave comments on any type of document, which will be useful in situations such as, for example, explaining the reason why an invoice has not been approved, leaving a record of any abnormalities found in a document, advising of any specific instructions on action to take with respect to the document, or simply sharing comments before the final version is submitted, amongst many other applications useful to companies.

The way to do it is very simple: in the document being worked on, in the “Comments” section, there is an “Add comment” button. By clicking it, a “New comment” pop-up window will appear with a text field and two buttons: a blue one that reads “Send” and a red one that reads “Cancel”. To save the new comment, click on Send. On the contrary, if you do not want to add the new comment to the document, choose the Cancel option.

The function is very easy to use. If you want to insert a comment, just write the text you want in the text field and click the “Send” button.

When you finish the process, in the “Comments” section you will be able to see the inserted comment in a table that has three columns. The first is titled “Author”, where the name of the user who added the comment will appear. The second is “Creation Date”, which is the date and time the comment was inserted. Finally, the “Comment” column will show the content of the comment.

In addition, you can also read the content of the comment from the list of documents by simply placing the cursor over the icon that appears in the “Comment” column.

If you want to learn more about this and other useful functions for your organisation, you can try Athento for free for 30 days.