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Intelligent automations with Athento: transform Document Management

Transform document management with intelligent automations, optimizing processes, enhancing business productivity, and much more! 🤖🚀
Automatismos inteligentes con Athento: transforma la Gestión Documental / automations
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In today’s digital world, efficiency and automations are essential to maintain a competitive edge. Athento, an advanced document management solution, is revolutionizing how businesses handle their documents through the implementation of automations.

At #Acelera23, José Luis de la Rosa, co-founder and CEO of Athento, showcased the potential of these tools to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Intelligent Automations with Athento

What are automations in Athento?

Automations in Athento are modules that allow automating tasks within the system. They can be native or customized according to user needs. An automation is simply a Python module that runs on a document to perform specific tasks, such as modifying metadata, changing the status of a document, or combining metadata values.

Creation and activation of automations

One of the great advantages of Athento is how easily automations can be created and activated. José Luis explained that these automations can be deployed hot, meaning that it is not necessary to restart the system to implement them. This allows for continuous implementation and adjustment, ensuring that automations seamlessly integrate into existing processes.

Document lifecycle

Automations in Athento can be associated with different events in the lifecycle of a document, such as loading, validation, updating, and deletion. This enables the automation of processes at various stages of document management, improving efficiency and reducing manual workload.

Configuration and customization

Athento offers an advanced administration interface that allows users to configure automations in detail. This includes parameterization and the use of flags to activate or deactivate automations as needed. The ability to customize these automations ensures they perfectly adapt to the specific needs of each organization.

Semi-automatic and manual validation

The configuration of Athento’s document management software includes stages of semi-automatic and manual validation. This means that some automations can be performed automatically, while others require user intervention. This combination ensures appropriate document and process control and the correct execution of critical tasks, balancing automation with human oversight.

Automations in action

During the presentation, José Luis conducted a practical example demonstrating how to activate an automation to geolocate documents automatically. This example clearly illustrated the effectiveness and flexibility of Athento’s system in managing complex tasks through automation.

The presentation concluded with a question and answer session, providing attendees with the opportunity to clarify doubts and learn more about Athento’s automation capabilities. This direct interaction with users is essential for better understanding their needs and continuously improving the platform.

You can watch the full video here:

Transforming Document Management

Athento is revolutionizing document management with its innovative approach to automations. Automations enable businesses to streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. With powerful and flexible tools, Athento stands out as a leading solution for those seeking smarter and more efficient document management.

Interested in learning more about how Athento can help automate your document management? Contact us for a personalized demo and discover the future of document management.