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Information Management in the Digital Age

Learn how Information Management has undergone different transformations leading up to the Digital Age. #Information #Automation 🚀
Gestión de la información / Information Management
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In today’s dynamic business world, efficient Information Management has become an essential component for the success of any company. From the 19th century to the present day, we have witnessed an unprecedented transformation in how organizations manage their information and documentation. This change has been driven by a series of processes, structural changes, and situational factors that have completely redefined document management.

At #Acelera2023, we had the opportunity to learn firsthand from Manuel Aguirre, a Document Management consultant, how document management solutions, such as those offered by Athento, are transforming how companies handle information and documents, driving efficiency and innovation. In this article, we compile the most important aspects of the session.

Transforming Information Management: Keys to Business Efficiency in the Digital Age

Years ago, physical format was the only information management solution considered by businesses, fraught with challenges like duplication, expiration, loss, and deterioration of files, disorganization, complex searches, and potential regulatory errors, among others.

Gradually, companies began to experience a hybrid scenario where information management was carried out through manual processes, albeit with digitalization primarily used for document preservation, and where email started to play a role in information management.

These changes marked the beginning of the Digital Age, significantly transforming information and document management as we knew it. This transformation includes the use of artificial intelligence to eliminate repetitive tasks, the implementation of integrations between tools, and process automation to optimize efficiency.

Document management solutions play a pivotal role in this evolution, giving rise to key pillars that guide this management: document classification structure, system and process automation, process standardization, traceability and control, as well as time management. These elements work together to enhance efficiency and foster stronger collaboration within the company, while ensuring a level of security and regulatory compliance that are vital in today’s business environment.

Digital transformation does not stop here. Innovative concepts are emerging that point towards the future of information management. Process optimization through solutions like Athento is a clear example of how companies can adapt and thrive in this constantly changing environment.

Athento offers a solution that enables businesses to manage their information more efficiently, improve collaboration across teams, and ensure regulatory compliance at all times.

Information management has come a long way from the dusty archives of the 19th century to today’s digital era. Along this journey, technological solutions like Athento have proven crucial for business success by providing efficiency, security, and adaptability to the challenges of the modern world.

If you want to learn more about Information Management in the Digital Age, don’t miss the following video where Manuel Aguirre explains in detail the transformation of document management in recent times.

Additionally, if you’re not yet familiar with Athento, you can try it for free or contact our team to discuss your questions or request a guided demo.