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How to Transform Supplier Invoice Management at Insurers to Achieve Supplier Self-Management

Learn how to transform supplier invoice management with automated, agile, 100% digital and traceable processes.
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Almudena Delgado

In the insurance industry, where accuracy, traceability and efficiency are crucial, proper supplier invoice management becomes a critical task.

On a day-to-day basis, insurers work with a very broad portfolio of suppliers from multiple sectors that support their operations. The high volume of invoices to manage and the heterogeneity of the suppliers and systems they work with make invoice capture and management time-consuming and make the process difficult to trace.

In addition to this challenge, there are other equally important challenges such as the slowness, lack of control and inefficiencies in the approval of suppliers, the difficulty for invoice information to flow in the systems, the inaccuracy in the approval of invoices or the complexity in the generation and sending of documentation to suppliers (invoice payment vouchers, withholding certificates, other tax documentation).

At Athento, we understand the specific challenges that supplier invoice management represents for the insurance industry. Based on the digitization and document management solutions that work in the insurance companies we work with, we have prepared this use case in which we explain some of the situations faced by the insurance sector and how they can be successfully solved with Athento.

Download the free e-Book on Supplier Invoice Management in Insurance Companies with Athento to learn how:

  • Implement agile processes for receiving, requesting, consulting and sending documentation to internal and external users.

  • Create 100% digital and traceable workflows by integrating data from different sources, core systems, etc.

  • Take a step beyond the automation of manual tasks, enabling guided self-management of supplier documentation.

Download now the Use Case of Supplier Invoice Management in Insurance Companies.