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How to digitalize employee contract management with Athento

Learn how to transform employee contract management with 100% digital, automated and paperless hiring processes 🚀.
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Almudena Delgado

Employee contract management is still a paper-intensive process in many organizations. This extensive use of paper documentation and the complexity of the multi-stakeholder process are the main obstacles to managing the documentation associated with hiring employees efficiently.

From the workers who provide documentation to the Administration or Human Resources departments that manage the files, a large amount of physical documents are generated. The hiring process involves the collection and handling of a wide variety of documents, from IDs to certifications to contracts. In addition, external companies – such as consultancies or temporary employment agencies – may be involved in the administrative procedures, which involves even more paper documents and makes it difficult to manage employee contracts centrally while ensuring information security.

This documentation is sensitive and must be kept under control and centralized to ensure its retrieval, legal preservation and traceability. In addition, the need for physical signatures and the distribution of documents in companies with multiple locations can generate delays and logistical complications. This dependence on paper not only generates logistical and security inconveniences, but also slows down the process and hinders efficient document management.

Therefore, the need to automate these processes and migrate to digital solutions is becoming increasingly evident to streamline and optimize employee contract management.

At Athento, we know the challenges faced by companies and institutions to manage and model workflows with digital documents. Therefore, in the Use Case: Paperless Employee Hiring Process, we have compiled which processes can be digitally enabled to free the organization from paper, which processes can be automated and how to create a single employee file that allows consulting, sharing or exporting the information and documents of each person with internal and external users throughout the hiring period.

Download the free e-Book on Employee Contract Management with Athento to learn how to:

  • Receive and capture employee documentation using digital channels.
  • Control the validity of documents and request missing documentation from the document manager.
  • Generate documents from templates in bulk and share them with employees, freeing internal users from the management.
  • Approve and sign documents digitally, ensuring traceability and security at all times.


Transform the processes associated with Human and People Management. Download now the Use Case: Paperless Employee Hiring Process.