Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

As we are always striving to offer the best in document management, we’ve added new features for creating documents from templates in Athento. Now it’s much simpler and you can do it all directly from the product interface!

The new features include template editing in a very intuitive, visual way, amongst other novelties. Also, the changes you make in this mode are made effective in real time. What’s more, with this update, you have the option of using JasperReports templates for projects that require highly complex designs and precision when printing.

Generate documents from a template in Athento

If you want to create documents that have similar information but with some data that is different, you can create two types of templates: HTML Templates or JasperReports Templates.

Both are managed from the Template tab in the document type configuration panel.

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To learn more about how to configure each of the available templates, follow this link.

When generating a document from an already-created template, select Generate Document from the Document menu in document view. The requested document will then appear in PDF format.

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New features included in this update

With this update, we’ve included many new characteristics, such as the possibility of defining retention policies on the document type screen by completing a form. In addition, you have a new js library available for automating form behaviour.

We’ve also renewed the API documentation page so that you can integrate your documents in less time and with a more dynamic interface. To take full advantage of the metadata marketplace, you can use them directly without having to copy them, applying them in bulk to various documents.

And if you have a configuration established in the Athento app and want to transfer it to another instance, you only need the URL and your login information. With these two simple requirements, you can copy the configuration of a series in record time.

Did you create a team by mistake? Don’t worry! Now you can delete it in Athento’s new document management software. And that’s not all, you can also export lists in CSV format, copy a document with practically all of its metadata, and create your own avatar.

In addition to all these new features, we’ve added the option of an overall document view with key metadata so you can get a complete, 360 degree view of related files. We’ve also included a function for creating add-ons from a document type file and the possibility of importing document type definition from a CSV file.

Other improvements from Athento are the key updates to the product. These include renewed, optimized usability in date fields and a new design for viewing emails, document version lists, and the mass editing screen.

Now, if you want to go to any document from the 360 degree view, you just have to click on it. By ticking the ‘listable’ option in metadata files, you can choose the columns you want to see by default in the document view. What’s more, we’ve changed the user permission interface to make it simpler and more accessible.

Not only have we simplified navigation, we’ve also increased security for user management, with greater protection and rules on password complexity as well as the ability to automatically block access when incorrect login information is entered. Likewise, we’ve improved security when uploading documents with extensions that are not allowed. We’ve added a page on the team administration page with detailed information on user security.

We’ve separated the user event log to control user modifications and accesses to the platform. If you want to add a user to a team, you just have to invite them. We’ve also added the possibility of limiting the frequency and number of sessions per user in certain instances.

To optimise our document management software’s usability, we show the transition to be made when a status is changed in a very simple, accessible drop-down menu; the drag & drop component makes it easier to manage when buttons are hidden. In regards to the document list and dashboard, the new features of Athento are filtered by active team. Searches are faster as you can activate or deactivate the appropriate metadata.

Creating various series with the same configuration has never been so easy; now you can copy them in their entirety. Additionally, you can generate a document instantaneously with our optimisation of API DocumentCreate. You can also make comments when approving, rejecting, or requesting modifications to a document that’s been received. Furthermore, in addition to a wipe, you can shred a document in secure deletion operations.

Finally, we’ve improved data exportation loading times for integration with Zoho and have a completely renewed cache available to power the user experience.

However, none of the new characteristics and usability features would be efficient without the error correction that we’ve carried out. Amongst them, we’ve fixed errors in the list of folder types allowed when they are created from the series navigation area, the massive modification of date metadata, and the editing of groups when the user doesn’t have access to all of them.

We’ve corrected responses to DocumentCreate when an input cannot be found. Likewise, we’ve eliminated errors in the create public documents view and in permissions management for series for both document type and metadata type. We’ve modified the editing of the time limit for the lifecycle stage and we’ve fixed problems with uploading a team logo.

As you can see, generating documents from templates with Athento is now much simpler. Everyday we make progress in bringing you the most efficient document management software.