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Generate Word and Excel documents from templates with Athento


This release has many improvements and very useful functionality for document generation processes.

It is now possible to generate Word and Excel documents from templates!

You can use your field values to automatically fill out Word or Excel templates. You only need to insert data tags directly into your Word or Excel file. 

Check documentation for this feature!

documents from templates

New features

  • Button fields now allow you to select the color of the button and to require confirmation before executing an action.

  • It is now possible to easily set up automation tasks to be executed when the value of a field is changed or a button is clicked.

  • We added a new metadata prediction engine using simple GPT2 (beta functionality, only available on request).

  • Now you can include an explanatory video for teams. This video will be shown on the Help menu at the top bar. You need to upload the video from the backend.

  • API responses now include a signature to check the validity of the response.

  • New sidebar where users can see their notifications inside the application. You can find this bar where the shortcuts and addons are shown.


  • Improved performance for permissions management in Elastic Search.

  • Query performance has been enhanced for children document retrieving.

  • In lifecycle views, usability has been improved by grouping buttons using context menus.

  • It is now possible to edit the name of transitions by clicking on them.

  • Integration for authentication with SAML2 has been improved to allow obtaining new parameters when creating the user.

  • The is_external field is now available in the main user profile, inside the administration area.

  • Usability improvements in the lifecycle management. The lifecycle deactivation button, warns of the action regarding the documents that have it active.

  • Changes made from the public form are now recorded in the document history.

  • It is now possible to disable email fetching from the backend (Mailbox).

  • After changing the filter of a queue, the queue results are now automatically reloaded.

  • Marketplace fields, no longer show the “delete” button but “disable” when they are active in a form.

  • The API for assigning/removing permissions now allows to explicitly indicate if the assigned permissions should be inherited.

  • Updated the technical documentation on search methods.

  • The default size of a field is now bigger

  • Improved the size of the team logo on the login page.

  • Improvements in dictionary management are now available from the team administration

  • It is now possible to request the update of a Mastertables vocabulary on demand.

  • It is now possible to easily edit the classification words (white words) of a form.

  • Searching with elastic now allows configuring the search with a contains filter

  • Links to public and private upload URLs are now only displayed when the functionality is active.

  • The usability of the context menu of actions on a field in the document view is improved (smaller texts and position of the actions)

  • In the extraction templates view, a link to the form administration has been included to allow going back to it.

  • New unit tests!

  • Improved logic to show deleted fields, they are shown if they have value, even if they are deleted.

  • Small improvements in the integration with Viafirma.

  • Now it is possible to easily activate all the fields of another form when they have been activated as marketplace fields.


  • Fixed state transition so that if the user does not have a certificate and signature is required, state change is not allowed.

  • It is now allowed to delete the logo of a team.

  • Fixed access control to a transition when it is conditioned by groups.

  • Correction of the file name when synchronizing with OneDrive.

  • Correction in the download of documents when they are sent using the document delivery functionality.

  • Correction when displaying the value of a choice field that has been deleted, now it is controlled to get the value. If the tag is not found, the original value is displayed.

  • Removed an unneeded field in the DocumentType serializer.

  • Correction in the command that updates the validity status of a document according to its expiration date.

  • Correction to the dropdown to choose dictionary in the configuration view of a “choice” field.

  • Corrections in the run_notifications command of the queues.

  • Correction in the user notifications counter.

  • Fix in lastxdaysinstate and morethanxdaysin_state filter.

  • Fix for cases when a document has template in HTML format.

  • Fix in state change when there are several transitions for the same state.

  • Other minor fixes 😉