Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform


Document capture

Digitise, automate and optimise the entry of documents into your company with Athento's document capture functionality.

Receive documents digitally

Reduce paper receipts and gain control

Instead of putting effort and money into digitising and processing documents received on paper, enable channels that facilitate and standardise the receipt of digital documents.

In the video, you can see how to request documents from external users such as customers or suppliers. With functionalities like these, Athento clients automate processes such as receiving supplier invoices, supplier approval or customer onboarding.

All document capture functionality in a single tool

Captura de documentos - Document capture

Extracción de OCR o texto del documento.

Clasificación automática

Extracción de datos

Biblioteca con más de 200 automatismos listos para usar. 

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Make your documents flow

Get started now with Athento and try our document capture functionality, OCR and much more. Athento is a versatile, powerful and intelligent content management platform that allows you to build 100% digital workspaces by integrating processes, documents and data.