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Smart Digital Content Platform


Business processes & BPM workflows

Implement business processes on Athento and reduce time and waste.

Empower your final users

With BPM workflows they can design and maintain without IT help.

Athento allows modeling business processes or workflows with its Lifecycles feature. A lifecycle is a set of states that an entity/document goes through and the transitions to move between those states.

Go as far as you wish

Athento will allow you to design and implement digital processes that revolve around documents, records, digital content, and other documentary entities. 

lifecycles in athento - BPM-

Everything you could do with a Business Process Management System

Athento has developed its own content routing engine (digital content-oriented flows) that allows implementing concepts close to BPMN.

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No, Athento is not a BPM, but it incorporates features and concepts close to BPMN. With Athento it is possible to model processes of medium-high complexity.

No, the feature is built-in and ready to use. Normal product licenses allow the use of the feature.

It depends on the complexity of the flow.

Setting up a six-step process like the one shown in the image takes only 7 minutes and 59 seconds timed.


The workflow is designed 100% graphically. Of course, associated with the workflow, it is necessary to set up
dashboards, notifications, permissions, automatic tasks, etc.

A medium/high complexity process in Athento can take about two weeks of work, including dashboards, permissions, notifications, and automation.