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Feature: You can now customize the colors of the states in a lifecycle and much more!


Have you ever wanted to mark a state where a document needs urgent attention in red or yellow? Or display a state in gray when the document has already been processed? Starting from this release, you can now choose the colors you want for your lifecycles. 😜😜😜

You can consult the documentation for this functionality from here.

Athento lifecycle


  • It’s now possible to add columns to select system users in fields of the table type. PR-1383 +Info
  • In the last release, we informed you that you can create new buttons in the task modal. Now, you can also hide the default buttons that come with the tasks. +Info 🎊🎊🎊
  • Now, from the documents tab of the form, you can specify for text and text area fields whether you want accents or uppercase and lowercase letters to be taken into account during searching. +Info 🔎🔎🔎
  • New image field! Now you can store images as if they were just another document field. Moreover, you’ll be able to use these images in Word and Excel templates. +Info


  • Export from the documents tab now includes links to documents in downloaded Excel or CSV files. Users can choose whether to include them PR-1254. Additionally, export filenames now include more information for users: {form_name}-{date(yyyy-MM-dd_hh-mm)}.{extension}. PR-1285.
  • Quality improvements in the task functionality: The deprecated create_workflow_task method has been replaced by the get_or_create  method of DocumentWorkflowTask  and  DocumentWorkflowTaskType. PR-1166 .
  • Import/export of spaces from remote instances now includes: importing category automations PR-1271 and importing the parent attribute of dictionary terms PR-1279.
  • Filtering the list of users in the Global Administration Console is now possible PR-1044.
  • Documentation for the public download service has been updated to detail different usage modes.
  • Custom panel import is now supported PR-1309.
  • Added new information to Athento logs and the ability to generate logs for new actions PR-1338.
  • Enhancement allowing filters in the Document tab of the form to be accent-insensitive PR-1342.
  • Table-type fields are now displayed correctly in custom read-type panels PR-1358 +Info.
  • The relationship between a field and its related choice must now be unique PR-1398 +Info.
  • Errors in Athento now display a code that you can send to support for faster incident localization PR-1361 +Info.
  • Multiple project dependencies have been updated PR-1346 PR-1354 PR-1355 PR-1359 PR-1422 PR-1424 PR-1477  PR-1501.
  • Now you can copy simple documents from the clipboard; previously, this feature was only available for folders or folder forms PR-1458 +Info.
  • Compatibility added with the following Nuxeo services:






  • The user list in the Administration Console now shows a minimum of 100 active users PR-1236 +Info.
  • Logs of submissions to Viafirma now include the UUID of the Athento document from which the request was generated, facilitating request location PR-1475.
  • Improved usability of field extraction configuration in extraction templates. Options are now grouped into categories within the dialog box, and a filter has been added for faster field location PR-1487.
  • Background task execution frequency is now configurable at the instance level PR-1506.
  • It’s now possible to use the _ character in lifecycle state names PR-1555.
  • Page size selector has been added to the related table PR-1544.


  • Quality improvements in the code for document generation using templates PR-1308.
  • Incorrect jQuery imports have been fixed PR-1516.
  • Maintenance and code quality tasks have been performed for the code that determines if a user is connected (from the Users menu in Team) PR-1520.
  • Fixed an error preventing the generation of a primary document from a template for a folderish-type document PR-1554.
  • An error related to the filepath in the operation op_generate_pdf_with_label_configuration  has been corrected PR-1552.
  • A bug when deleting forms from the admin due to caching has been fixed 🐛  PR-1545.
  • An error causing resources from another form to appear when filtering in the resource table of a form template has been resolved PR-1511.
  • An error affecting permission assignment from navigation has been fixed PR-1567.
  • Cache-related issue in metadata definition update has been resolved PR-1572.
  • Scrollbar issue on the document tab of the form has been corrected PR-1626.
  • In public forms, a vulnerability related to document preview has been fixed PR-1612.