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Feature: WhatsApp integration


Ready to take your customer experience to the next level? Introducing the Athento and Whatsapp integration, which will allow you to use the messaging service to receive documents directly in your files and much more. Create conversation flows with your users and improve the customer experience with omnichannel communication.


In this first release, the integration is available through our messaging partner Twilio. Use of the integration requires prior approval from Twilio and Whatsapp Business.

V1 integration documentation.


  • It is now possible to format number fields. +Info
  • It is now possible from the field automation configuration to hide or show fields only for certain user groups. +Info
  • It is now possible to add several documents to the clipboard to download them as a zip. +Info
  • Quickly access the spaces you use most frequently by marking them as favorites. +Info
  • 👏👏👏👏 It is now possible to send a document approval email to several users at the same time. +Info
  • 🎉 🎉🎉 New quick search with suggestions. +Info
  • It is now possible to save searches and share them with other users. +Info


  • You can now share dictionaries between teams. +Info
  • Usability improvement that allows accessing a queue or tray by clicking on any point of the tray in the dashboard.
  • Improved dictionary import.
  • It is now possible to consult the execution logs of an operation from the Space Automation tab. The following article explains how to activate the logs for custom operations. Product operations will be migrated gradually to use the new logs. +Info
  • 👁 ⚠️ Several changes to the way space operations are managed have been implemented in recent months. For example, it is now possible to configure their parameters in a more user-friendly way. Changes have also been added to log management, among other changes. In order for these changes to be 100% operational, new versions of the automation tasks will be created and over time, the old versions will no longer be supported. In the Automation Library of the space, you will find the version of each operation. If you have your own operations, we recommend you migrate to the new parameters and activate the use of the new logs. ⚠️
  • The widget used for the selection of the field extraction source (Extract from) is changed. Previously this widget only allowed selecting one value. +Info
  • Bulk adds options for a Choice type field using a CSV. +Info
  • It is now possible to hide forms from the document creation modal, even if they are active in space. +Info
  • It is now possible to restrict at form level which related documents can be created on it. +Info
  • More formatting options have been added to Date and Date time fields. For example, it is now possible to make seconds not be shown. +Info
  • The op_lifecycle_transition operation is now available for use with the new configurable parameters from the user interface.
  • Now from the import of a space, itable field configurations are also imported.
  • It is now possible to configure the height of text fields. In this first version, the configuration is done from the advanced field administration. +Info
  • The op_send_by_email operation is now available for use with the new configurable parameters from the user interface.
  • Delete several terms from a dictionary at the same time. It is now possible to select them. +Info
  • It is now possible to hide the button to update the main file for a document. +Info
  • Improved management of encrypted documents and repositories.
  • It is now possible to use the Myself filter in queues for Multiuser type fields.
  • It is now possible to adjust mailbox integration settings from the product interface. +Info
  • Now if the title is disabled when creating documents, the change is also applied to documents created from the navigation. +Info
  • It is now possible to select several documents from the navigation for deletion.
  • It is now possible to set the title of a calendar event in the op_send_appointment operation using the subject_prefix parameter. +Info
  • The change password button from the profile is no longer available for teams with integration to an external user directory. PR-370
  • 🚨🚨🚨 Attention: The keyboard shortcut ‘N’ for creating a new document has been replaced by Ctrl+. (Control key and period key). This change is due to incompatibilities with some browsers.PR-374
  • Several improvements are made to the clipboard feature, e.g. it is now possible to paste a document in the root of a space, user feedback has been improved and the clipboard is now the first tab visible in the menu containing it. +Info PR-373
  • Improvements in the op_extract_fast_metadata operation. The new version of the operation uses the new configurable parameters from UI and it is now possible to specify which fields should be extracted. PR-381
  • Security enhancement for the new form documents tab which now saves its filters in base64 to make them more difficult to manipulate. PR-385
  • New version of the op_create_task operation so that parameters can be set from the UI. PR-393
  • Athento now allows you to select related documents within a column in a table type field +Info PR-406


  • Fixed bug that prevented the document title change from being recorded in the history.
  • Aesthetic fix in the way long team names were displayed in the active team menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the correct display of the tooltip or help text for the file download button and for the document generation from templates that appear in the quick action bar of the document.
  • Errors in Spanish translations are corrected.
  • Errors in the import of dictionary terms caused by strange characters are controlled. PR-436
  • Fixed backward compatibility problems with new operation parameters. PR-452
  • Fixed a bug that caused that the help text was not shown in Boolean fields. PR-456
  • Fixed bug that prevented the use of the Deselect button of the related documents. PR-443
  • Fix bug that prevented the dynamic operation of the field display conditions or automations in the case of Choice type fields. PR-450
  • Optimizations and improvements of the code that serves the preview of the documents. PR-428
  • Fixes bug that prevented leaving empty columns in table type fields. PR-422
  • Fixed bug when editing mailbox integration configuration. PR-418
  • Optimization tasks on the code that manages table type fields. PR-437
  • Fixed bug when creating dictionaries in Firefox browser. PR-396
  • Fixed bug that prevented to show a customized user avatar. PR-388