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Do you have a question about Athento? Are you trying to do something with the product and it’s not working as expected? Post your question in the community, where the Athento team, our partners, and other Athento users can help you. We also invite you to share your knowledge about Athento and assist other users with questions about the product and its use.

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Athento Community


  • Now you can see if other users are working on the same document as you. 👥👥 +Info PR-882
  • New operations that allow you to rely on a table field to establish signatories and the order of signatures to send a signature request on the main document. +Info
  • Our integration with Slack is now more powerful than ever. You can configure it from the team’s applications. In addition, the op_send_to_slack_v2 operation now allows you to customize the message, including information about the document and its fields. PR-1895 +Info 😎😎😎
  • Now you can preview XML files in Athento (when XML is the main binary). This feature doesn’t require any additional configuration. PR-1884
  • New integration with ChatGPT that allows non-technical users to use regular expressions in extraction templates. +Info PR-1929 🤖🤖🤖
  • New native version of Document Request. On-demand activation.
  • You can now hide document previews for Athento staff from the space, in case they contain sensitive information. +Info PR-1703 
  • It is now possible to extract data from any XML to populate fields in Athento with the op_extract_from_xml operation. +Info PR-1709


  • We extended the scope of our API compatibility with Nuxeo and Athento ECM. You can check the new services from our Postman collection. PR-1928 PR-1934 PR-1906 PR-1911 PR-1891 PR-1887
  • It is now possible to hide the buttons that come by default with the task functionality. +Info PR-1450
  • New version of the op_generate_from_template_v2 operation +Info PR-1476
  • It is now possible from the extraction templates to search and filter by a field. This will make it easier to set up extraction in forms with many fields. PR-1680
  • In this version, we have some changes in the navigation buttons 📂📂📂📂. Now the file upload options are grouped in the “Upload” button and the document creation functionality without attachment, in the “Add” button. In addition, under the “Add” button you will now find the “Add document” option that allows you to create a simple document without attachment. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ PR-1935 PR-1898 PR-1800
  • Improved performance in loading non-visible categories. PR-1608
  • Now it is allowed to edit the same field from a queue when it belongs to several forms. PR-1936


  • Fixed bug in the document view splitter. PR-1743
  • Fixed bug associated with the cache in the fields tab of the form configuration. PR-1841
  • Fixed bug affecting currency type columns in table type fields. The bug prevented to leave the column empty. PR-1879
  • Fixed behavior that caused that in the massive online form upload, the status of the uploaded documents was always pending. PR-1875
  • Fixed bug that did not allow to preview the related documents that appeared after the first page. PR-186
  • Fixed bug on the Admin Toolbox that prevented the preview of documents when applying a date range filter, major or minor. PR-1963
  • Fixed a bug affecting the display of columns in the documents tab. PR-1965
  • Added an attribute to the dictionary terms datatable in the choice type metadata view to correct the table style. PR-1954
  • Now avoid the loading of some external resources when they are disabled. PR-1944
  • Fixed bug in the advanced administration access to query the value of a multidocument field. PR-1922
  • Fixed aesthetic bug in the product header when the pre-production environment message and the out-of-date instance message were active at the same time. PR-1912