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Feature: You can now enjoy the new Administration Console!


If you have to manage users in different work teams and know the consumption of the platform globally you are in luck 🎉🎉🎉, because today we finally launch the new Administration Console or Admin Console. 🎉🎉🎉

In this new menu of the application, you will find some interesting tabs:

  • The Consumption or Usage tab: from here you will be able to see the global number of users of the platform, the storage consumed and the total number of documents in the system. Also, from here you will be able to see your contracted plan and its limits. +Info
  • The Equipment tab: from here you can see the consumption separated by equipment. How many users or how much storage am I consuming on equipment X? +Info
  • The Users tab: in this new screen you have a list of all the users of the platform. You can download it, see when they last entered the platform, see which team they belong to and filter by different criteria. You will also be able to make some settings that were previously only available from the advanced administration, such as the language of a user or the menus available in the application.

Read more about the Administration Console.

In the coming months we will continue to add functionality to the Athento Administration Console to make you more and more autonomous and independent. PR-837, PR-845, PR-849, PR-853, PR-895, PR-898, PR-926, PR-1044, PR-1096, PR-1258, PR-1294, PR-1295, PR-1324, PR-1329, PR-1336

In addition to the Administration Console, in this month’s release, we present the 🌟 BETA new version of the  queues or trays 📥. The new queues offer slightly different functionality from the previous version:

  • The new queues use the same filter as the advanced search, which will allow you to get the same results from a queue as from the advanced search.
  • The advanced search filter will allow you to nest conditions or do AND or OR queries. This was not possible with the old queues.
  • The new trays allow you to decide from the interface in which order the columns are displayed. This was not possible with the old queues. PR-1365
  • The new queues offer you some new filters, for example, you can make a Myself filter in the queues for Multiuser fields. And new options to filter by datesPR-1113, PR-1131, PR-1226

Although this new version of the queues is still in BETA, they are already functional and you can use them. We would love to hear your feedback. 👂👂👂

Follow the steps in this article to activate the new queue filter.


  • It is now possible to apply a specific order to the terms of a Choice field dictionary. +Info PR-1063
  • BETA: Attention developers 🤓 It is now possible to execute commands from the product interface in pre-production instances. +Info PR-1103
  • 🚨🚨🚨 Field visibility rules (Field automations) can now be applied to all fields in a category. This has important performance implications for large forms. If your form is very large, we recommend using category level automations, rather than field level. This will reduce the number of calls made to the server and therefore improve the performance of your form. +Info PR-1093. Also, another new feature is that you can now put all the fields of a category in read mode if a certain rule is met. +Info PR-1201
  • New op_change_tasks_status operation that allows you to change the status of tasks in a document. This can be useful when you need to close or reassign tasks automatically. +Info PR-1203 🦾🦾🦾🦾
  • 🔐 It is now possible to encrypt an Athento API request and its response. +Info PR-1211
  • We keep improving the document task functionality! It is now possible to ask users to fill in fields before completing a task. +Info PR-1210 ✅✅✅
  • It is now possible to generate 128 barcode labels to stick on your physical documents. +Info PR-1223. In addition, once you digitise the physical document, Athento can automatically link it to its digital record. +Info PR-1344
  • The new documents tab of the form is now much more flexible and configurable. It is possible to modify the name of the columns, hide columns that appear by default or change the format of the dates shown on this screen. +Info PR-1214, PR-1220, PR-1230
  • It is now possible to create custom panels in the document view. These panels can display fields and categories in read-only mode. +Info PR-1242


  • Linter is introduced to improve the quality of React code in the user interface.
  • BETA: New integration with Backblaze for binary backups. In new Athento installations, an extra backup of binaries is automatically deployed.
  • It is now possible to filter between a minimum and a maximum value in number type fields from the new documents tab. +Info PR-1084, PR-1090
  • BETA: New mechanism to export configurations has been added. This functionality is not available for all configurations of the platform. +Info PR-1087
  • Mechanism for the review, control and semi-automatic update of the product dependencies is created. PR-1098
  • Attention developers 🤓 A new OperationException has been created to control errors from operations and to be able to indicate more specific messages in the toast when scheduling a custom operation. You can specify the type of exception to throw when raising the error, choosing between warning and error. The default will always be error. A usage example has been added to the hello_world_v2 operation. PR-1095
  • New version of op_extract_pages_v3 operation. +Info PR-1147
  • Added different previewer than the browser one to the web version when consulting a document from the mobile. PR-1240
  • Corrected and validated file extensions in various functionalities that allow or require file uploading. PR-1255
  • We also have new contents and courses available this month: New course on document generation with Athento, and the Basic Configuration Course has new lessons.
  • Lazy load is added to the document view.
  • Multiple performance improvements in document view loading.


  • Various improvements and corrections to the remote import of spaces. PR-1130, PR-1182
  • Fixes security vulnerability affecting notifications and user sessions. PR-1159
  • Updated multiple dependencies and removed some unused ones. PR-1239, PR-1243, PR-1260, PR-1261
  • Fixed folder uploading in navigation. PR-1394
  • Fixed bug that prevented bulk operations from loading in the Admin tool box. PR-1375
  • Fixed bug in the update of fields via API when they have a default value.Fixed code of the operation “Create a public link for a document protected by an OTP” that forced to configure an expiration parameter. PR-1310
  • Fixed error in the creation of a team from a template. PR-1312
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting the document upload components. PR-1313
  • Added only_user_manager permission to the get_permissions method to allow users with this permission to remove permissions. PR-1314
  • Fixed bug that was affecting users with only_user_manager facet in a team’s user menu. PR-1315
  • Filter the querysets shown in both enabled forms and disabled forms in the forms tab of a space configuration to not show those that are extraction templates. PR-1322