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Smart Digital Content Platform

Feature: Multiple customizable dashboards 🆒 14Feb-20 March


With this release, you’re going to have fun! We bring important usability upgrades that will make your life easier. Let’s see them!

Customizable dashboards

Athento now allows you to create different dashboards at team level. For each dashboard you can indicate the groups of users that will use it. The new dashboards allow you to insert elements you already know from the application: queues, list of last documents and loading panels. But one of the new features is that you will have fun configuring your dashboards: now you will be able to position the dashboard elements and choose their size by dragging them. We tell you about it in this video in less than two minutes. Learn more!

Passwordless Authentication

If you are as tired as we are of having to manage hundreds of passwords, this feature will make your life easier. Now you can use your device and the possibilities it offers (FaceID, Fingerprint, etc.) to authenticate yourself with Athento. You can also use USB keys – learn how to log in without a password!


  • Now from the Administration Console you will be able to see all the operations installed in your spaces. In addition, you will be able to install the same operation in several spaces. PR-2203 +Info

  • ⚠️⚠️⚠️ IMPORTANT! Now users with access to advanced administration must confirm their access devices to Athento. PR-2208 +Info


  • The way in which the selected elements are displayed in different tables of the application is upgraded. PR-2259

  • A first version of Lastpass integration is available. PR-2207 +Info

  • Now you can share a link that takes you directly to a team in a specific location. PR-2236 +Info

  • Password change is now notified via email to the user. PR-2243

  • Codemirror version is updated from 5.65.13 to 5.65.16. PR-2245

  • Now it is possible to download manually the signed document from Viafirma Inbox. A button is added from the popup window where the signature data is shown. PR-2213


  • Fixed bug affecting notification attachments. PR-2267

  • Fixed visual bug in user profile. PR-2260

  • Fixed a bug affecting the selection and deselection of elements in some tables of the application. PR-2248

  • Fixed that the OTP can also be sent by email and not only by SMS to the cell phone. PR-2256

  • Fix for the related choice dropdowns. PR-2255

  • Fix bug that affected the space selectors in the search and other places of the application. PR-2244

  • Fixes version preview when dealing with image type documents. PR-2241

  • Fixed an issue related to the op_extract_pages_v3 operation that made it difficult to extract all pages of the document. PR-2226

  • Fixes a problem that caused not being able to edit “in-line” the select fields of table type fields. PR-2229

  • Fixed a problem that prevented to see the filenames of the upload fields of a table type field from the second page onwards. PR-2231

  • Fixed a bug in the session expiration. PR-2216

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to export folders from the navigation. PR-2217

  • Fixed a bug that affected the extraction templates filter. PR-2210

  • Fixed a bug that caused that the creation date of background task notifications would not be displayed. PR-2205