Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Improved stats, dynamic transitions, and much more!


This release is loaded with usability improvements, for example, you can now fill in the fields required to transition from the lifecycle change window. Another important improvement is the new stats in the Insights menu. At a glance, you will be able to know aspects of your documents such as how many documents you have per space, how many have been created in a space during a certain period of time, and how many for each form. New colors have been added for those processes in which there is a diversity of spaces and forms, as well as changes in the way data and information about each chart are calculated. Also, a cache memory has been added to improve the user experience. From the Insights menu, you also have new reports associated with the lifecycle. Explore how many documents have completed their lifecycle or the number of documents by status. Documentation on this feature.


  • 😎😎😎 It is now possible to display the fields required to do a transition from the lifecycle window itself. +Info PR-482
  • From this release, it is possible to use the integration with Viafirma Documents from Folderish forms, to send several documents to be signed at the same time. +Info PR-486
  • 🦾🦾🦾 You now have an import log with information about the import of configurations between Athento instances. +Info PR-554


  • Allow users to insert new options from a Choice-type field. +Info PR-491
  • Usability improvement that allows checking the correct connection with ViafirmaDocuments. +Info PR-495
  • New improvement in the op_create_task operation that allows configuring user or group parameters in a more user-friendly way. +Info PR-497
  • The op_create_required_documents operation can now be executed from the API, using the /file/api/file/{uuid}/run-operation/ endpoint. +Info PR-501
  • The lifecycle window has new styles and makes better use of screen space. The lifecycle now displays collapsed, improving the experience on forms with complex lifecycles. Lifecycle information is also collapsed. You can open these sections by clicking on them. ✨✨✨
  • Now the op_automatic_relation automation task that creates automatic relations between documents, allows relating documents that have been created X days ago. +Info PR-535
  • The preview carousel is now available for the contents of a folder or folders-type in the navigation.
  • Usability improvement in the window for selecting a document composition template. Templates are now listed in alphabetical order and filtering is more accurate. +Info PR-523
  • Choice-type field options are now sorted alphabetically. PR-532
  • Aesthetic improvement in the message displayed for non-previewable documents. +Info PR-536
  • As of this release, the old document menu is no longer operational. PR-547
  • Now from the new documents tab, it is possible to view the content of a table-type field. PR-615
  • 🤖 Updates in HTML element identifiers of some application elements. Important if using RPA applications. 
  • Efficiency in field automation is improved. PR-553


  • Fixed a bug that caused the new documents tab to show the status of life cycles that did not belong to the consulted form. PR-488
  • Fixed a small visual bug in the saved search creation window. PR-528
  • Various corrections in translations.
  • Fixed bug that prevented mentioning users from a transition comment. PR-580
  • Fixed a bug that affected disabled terms in a form. PR-567