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Smart Digital Content Platform

Improved field categories


This release brings important improvements to the behavior of the field categories in forms.
The categories can be expanded and collapsed. When collapsed, categories now show the number of fields it contains.
In addition, categories can be open or collapsed by default.

These changes will make categories more usable, specially for users working with long forms.


  • Athento now offers a more user-friendly way to preview email attachments 📧 . Enable this new view for specific forms. We recommend using it for folder-type forms! +Info PR-395
  • It is now possible to set the default language of a team 🇪🇸. +Info PR-417
  • Share documents via QR codes or short URLs with external users 🚀🚀🚀🚀 +Info PR-399PR-394PR-407
  • Discover trends about your documents with beautifully designed graphs that tell you at a glance, how many documents you have per space, how many have been created in a period of time, and how many per form. In addition to the new Insights menu user experience, we also bring you new reports associated with the lifecycle. Explore how many documents have completed their lifecycle or the number of documents by state. +Info PR-412
  • ATTENTION!!! 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 You will like this: it is now possible to customize the buttons of the quick action bar on the document view. +Info PR-468
  • Download folders 📁📁📁📁 and their contents in ZIP format from the navigation. +Info PR-448
  • Secure (physical) deletion via API is now possible. Ideal for documents with personal or sensitive information. +Info PR-469


  • The op_change_to_serie automation task now accepts an internal dictionary-type field. +Info PR-413
  • New Task modal that makes it easier to manage your open tasks.  +Info PR-446
  • From the new documents tab, you can now sort documents by title, creation date, lifecycle status, and author. PR-426
  • The compression automation task avoids compressing PDF/A files.
  • Now if a user already exists in the system and is added to a new team, Athento shows confirmation of having added him/her to the team. PR-453
  • It is now possible to enable the editing of a field in the preview, without accessing the advanced administration. +Info PR-459
  • We improved the discoverability of the button to change a document form, from the Related Documents panel. +Info PR-460
  • It is now possible to disable the document upload panel displayed in the search. This option is available from the advanced team administration. +Info PR-477
  • Added access to the advanced configuration of the columns of a table-type field.  PR-480


  • Fixed bug that prevented the correct uploading of files in columns of table-type fields. PR-400 +Info
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users without permission to adjust the configuration of a date-type field. PR-415
  • Fixes in endpoints for deleting or deactivating life cycles.PR-430
  • Bug fix that prevented the evaluation of the automations of the fields.PR-450