Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Unleashing the Power of AI: Transforming Digital Content Management at Athento

In this release, the focus is on Artificial Intelligence. Athento now offers integration with HuggingFace, as well as integration with DialogFlow, Google’s Conversational AI technology. With the integration of DialogFlow and Athento, you will be able to create virtual agents, text or voice, for the automated attention of cases or reception of documents. Dialogflow is a Google tool for natural language understanding, from which you can design applications that support conversational interaction between users and companies. Documentation on this functionality is already available: How to create a Dialogflow bot integrated with Athento


  • It is now possible to download some product logs. +Info PR-997
  • Workflow Tasks Type now allows you to configure task-related notifications. +Info PR-1011 ✉️✉️✉️
  • 🔍🔍🔍🔍 Now the new Documents tab of the form, supports also saving searches that can be shared with other users. PR-1041 +Info
  • Tasks are now much more powerful!!!! You can now add custom buttons to run automation from the task modal. 🦾🦾🦾🦾 +Info PR-1055
  • Athento now has background tasks. This means, that those tasks that take a long time, will be executed without you having to wait for them to finish. You can continue browsing and working while – transparently – Athento takes care of finishing the tasks. When they are ready, Athento will notify you of the result. Data export from the document tab when more than 3000 records are involved and export of a report with the contents of a folder from the navigation is available in the background. +Info PR-1048, PR-776, PR-777. ⏰⏰⏰
  • Athento now offers support for working with HuggingFace AI models. +Info PR-1060 🤗🤗🤗🤗


  • In the task pop-up window, tasks are now sorted by creation date from newest to oldest.  PR-1002+Info
  • New automation task for task creation: op_create_tasks_with_several_tasks_types. ⚠️⚠️ We recommend using this AT instead of  op_create_task⚠️⚠️. This new automation tasks has advantages over the old one, for example, you can create tasks of different types without having to install the operation multiple times. +Info PR-1004
  • You can now easily see, with which extraction template a document was classified. +Info PR-1029
  • Parameters that are mandatory in the configuration of an operation are now indicated with a red asterisk. PR-1030
  • It is now possible to access the documentation of new operations from within Athento. +Info PR-1031
  • The breadcrumb with the path to a document in the navigation can now be copied. PR-1033 📋
  • Since this release, TextArea fields can also be used in conditions in transitions and advanced search. PR-1052
  • 🚨 IMPORTANT! 🚨 From this release, Athento only allows internal field names that include letters, numbers, and underscores (_). Any other character will not be supported. The homogenization and formatting control of internal names will prevent errors in product functionalities or custom operations. We recommend customers adjust their configurations and work with name properties for their fields that conform to the supported format. This change also affects the name property of table-type field columns.
  • In public queues, a control is added so that only documents that have been previously published can be publicly displayed. PR-1212
  • Control of extensions and formats is added to the documents uploaded via DialogFlow. PR-1204


  • Added controls on the checking of permissions per object in document downloads. PR-1195
  • Corrected errors in the order of field categories. PR-1225
  • Fixed duplicity problem in attributes affecting Swagger. PR-1216
  • Fix bug affecting data saving in extraction template. PR-1215
  • Fix the bug that prevented the correct functioning of the document tab filters when used in full screen. PR-1235
  • Fixes bug that affected saved searches. PR-1244
  • When the copy button was hidden using the forms button configuration functionality, the send approval email button was hidden as well. This bug is fixed. PR-1251
  • Fixed bug in op_automation_relation_v2 operation causing unwanted behavior when fields to check were empty. PR-1248
  • In the Excel export from the documents tab, a bug related to the file extension and format is fixed. PR-1252
  • Fixed a bug that prevented access to templates after updating the django-summernote library. PR-1259
  • Fixed a bug in checking access permissions to the templates of a form. PR-1266
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the main document from being updated when regenerating from a template. PR-1269
  • Fixed bug when sending a signature request when the same integration existed for several teams PR-1253
  • Fix the bug that affected the password change from the advanced administration. PR-1016