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Ensuring the integrity and accessibility of electronic documentation with Athento

Learn how Athento ensures the integrity and accessibility of electronic documentation. Discover the key features that make Athento a reliable option to protect and facilitate access to your digital documents.
documentación electrónica / Integrity and accessibility of electronic documentation
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In a constantly evolving landscape such as the digitization of processes, where electronic documentation is the foundation of business information, maintaining its integrity and accessibility becomes more critical than ever. Often, companies find themselves at the crossroads of challenges that threaten the security of their digital documents. In this article, we explore how to address these concerns and, specifically, how Athento presents itself as an indispensable ally in this document management journey.

Exploring the challenges

1. Work as a team while maintaining the integrity of the information

Nowadays, collaboration between internal and external teams is key, however, unauthorized editing of documents can become an obstacle to productivity and, in some cases, a regulatory or contractual compliance risk.

Athento offers different mechanisms to identify which modifications have been made to electronic documentation and its data and to have traceability over changes and accesses:

  • Version control: provides a detailed history of all modifications made to the document, including who made each change, when it was made and what modifications were made. This process ensures the integrity and security of information and helps organizations maintain an orderly and coordinated workflow, ensuring consistency and quality of documentation at all times. In addition, with Athento it is possible to access and restore a previous version of a document that has been modified or updated. This process is essential for correcting errors, reverting unwanted changes or recovering lost information.
  • Audit trail or document history: Athento stores the actions that occur on a document (type of action, date and time, user, status changes) in a record called “Document History”.
  • Check-in and Check-out of documents: allows blocking and unblocking the edition of documents temporarily or permanently, with manual or automatic activation.
  • Checked and unchecked copies: allows marking documents indicating that the file may not be the latest version of a given document.
  • Document duplicity control: allows checking whether a document already exists in the system, generating a warning and eliminating it automatically.
  • Notifying reviewer users when a document is updated: Athento can notify reviewer users so that they are aware of the change of a document.
  • Audit trails and traceability.
  • Automatic generation of documents from templates: allows to have control over the generation of corporate documents ensuring that they comply with quality, compliance, legal and brand image guidelines. This functionality is especially interesting for sectors such as banking or insurance companies that need to control that the high volume of policies or contracts they issue contain updated and correct contracting conditions or service clauses.


2. Always have the necessary backup

In today’s digital environment, where data loss can be a constant challenge, reliable backups are essential. Athento provides a practical solution with its automatic backup schedules every 24 hours. This feature ensures that data is backed up regularly, giving you peace of mind knowing that information will always be available in the event of any mishap.

3. Protect the confidentiality of electronic documentation

Unauthorized access, an open door to information leaks, represents another challenge; information security is a top priority. Athento emerges as a comprehensive solution by functioning as a confidentiality guardian. Its ability to accurately manage who has access to specific documents ensures total control over the confidentiality of information, providing an additional layer of security to protect your company’s most critical digital assets:

4. The importance of the digital trail

In the absence of a detailed audit trail, the ability to identify and address malicious activity is compromised. Athento goes further by providing meticulous audit trails, offering full traceability that not only allows for the identification of unusual behavior, but also facilitates full control over transactions and changes to electronic documentation. These detailed logs not only meet compliance standards, but also act as a proactive tool to prevent and mitigate potential threats to document security and business viability, for example, by generating alerts on suspected fraudulent documents.

Exploring confidentiality in the digital world

1. The email trap

The common practice of exchanging confidential documents via email can become a significant risk. In response to this challenge, Athento not only points out the risks, but also presents a secure solution. The platform provides a centralized environment for sharing and collaboration, eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with exchanging sensitive information via email. In addition to offering a secure alternative, Athento incorporates encryption and access management measures to ensure efficient collaboration without compromising the integrity of confidential information.

2. The storage challenge

Storing electronic documentation on unsecured devices is a risky practice, equivalent to leaving information unprotected. Athento proposes a pragmatic solution: a centralized and encrypted repository that guarantees the integrity of your documents. This approach not only protects against potential threats, but also prevents unauthorized access, thus ensuring the security of your most critical information.

3. Strong passwords and collaboration

The use of weak or shared passwords is an obvious vulnerability. Athento establishes strong password policies and offers multi-factor authentication to strengthen digital gateways.

Collaboration without security controls can lead to unintended disclosure of sensitive information. Athento, as a secure platform, provides full control over who can access and modify documents.

Enhancing the security of electronic documentation

To provide the control that a corporate environment requires, without compromising the security of electronic documentation, Athento implements comprehensive security controls on an ongoing basis:

Athento is positioned as a solid technical solution that transcends the conventional role of document management software. With features such as automatic backups, version control and audit trail, exhaustive security controls and all the document control functionality, Athento is an essential ally for companies seeking security and efficiency in electronic document management.

By adopting Athento, companies not only ensure the confidentiality of their documents, but also set a high standard for information integrity in a dynamic digital environment.