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If you are looking for alternatives to Nuxeo or how to make the most of your document management software, you are on the right page.
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Athento vs. Nuxeo o Athento + Nuxeo

Nuxeo is a robust and powerful platform, but adapting it to business needs requires highly specialized technical staff, long projects or expensive subscriptions to Nuxeo Studio. We show you why Athento is one of the alternatives to Nuxeo to consider or how you can get more out of the Nuxeo Platform repository with Athento.

Speed of development

Without hiring Nuxeo Studio, even adding a field to a form requires a restart of Nuxeo so that the change can be applied. In addition, the complexity of the platform requires expert Java developers with extensive knowledge of Nuxeo. Athento allows you to make your customizations in real time and without programming in most cases.

Start-up 60%
Start-up 90%


Nuxeo is a powerful platform. Programmatically, you can do many things at all levels: appearance, functionality, automation. Unfortunately, developing and maintaining the platform requires expert developers. With Athento, business users can customize the application without programming and technicians can develop custom operations in an agile way without affecting the stability of the tool.

Customization 80%
Customization 95%


Nuxeo is a solid tool with more than 10 years in the market. Its repository has been subjected to demanding performance benchmarks with more than 10 billion documents. Elastic Search has contributed significantly to the performance of the tool. Athento is a younger tool, but has customers in production with more than 100M documents per instance and also has integration with Elastic Search.

Robustness 85%
Robustness 70%


The Nuxeo API is flexible and powerful. It offers resource endpoints, to do CRUD on resources 100% REST style. It also allows complex queries and offers endpoints for command execution. It also allows a SOAP bridge. The Athento API is based on the Nuxeo API model using similar syntax and logic and compatible with it, but simplifying operations that are complex in Nuxeo.

Integration 90%
Integration 85%


Athento offers new functionality ready to use every two weeks. New features do not require installations, extra payments or complex configurations as is often the case with new functionality released by Nuxeo or its partners. Athento has a growing integration marketplace to offer out-of-the-box functionality from other tools that is relevant to business users.

Functionality 70%
Functionality 95%
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Athento is one of the alternatives to Nuxeo, but if you want to reduce project times while still using this repository, we tell you how.

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If you have already decided to change your ECM tool and you are looking for alternatives to Nuxeo, remember that in Athento we have experience with migrations from this platform and we can help you.

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