Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Intelligent Document Management

What is document management software?

A document management software is a computer application that allows the processing, routing, preservation, publication and work on electronic documents (whether they are scanned documents or originally created in digital format).

In Hispanic countries, we use the term document management, although with the current characteristics of companies, it is more correct to use the Anglo-Saxon term Enterprise Content ManagementECM-, since companies manage a wide range of digital assets that do not only correspond to what we know as “document” (images, videos, plans, etc.).

What can we use intelligent document management software for?

Digital processes
To implement digital circuits for managing documents, requests, cases, procedures.
Storage, organization and availability
of documents that support business processes and corporate memory.
Receipt and distribution of documents
Receiving documents and sending them to internal or external users.
Document production
Athento allows you to compose PDF documents from stored data and templates.
Document capture
Automatic classification and data extraction from document content.
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An intelligent document management software is a flexible and transversal tool that allows us to cover different problems within an organization that revolve around documents.

For example, in a software like Athento, we can cover cases as varied as:

  • Management of any type of file
  • Claims management for insurance companies
  • Inbound Registration /
  • Correspondence Filing / Inbound Desk
  • Customer Onboarding Processes, etc.

With an intelligent document management software such as Athento, you can boost your document processes to make them faster and more efficient

What are the advantages of having an intelligent document manager?

You will be able to automate processes from start to finish

Initiate processes from customizable forms, visually create workflows and get traceability of each of your cases and the documents that support them.

Solve your cases in a timely and accurate manner

Distribute the workload among the team, follow up and keep cases up to date. Make sure you get everything you need to resolve them on time.

Obtain and distribute the documents and information you need

Finally go paperless, offer flexibility to your team and get the peace of mind of knowing that customers and partners can easily communicate with you through different channels.

Eliminate as much manual labor as possible

Automatically request documents from customers, generate them from templates, automatically classify them, get intelligent suggestions or incorporate self-executing actions.

Save money by optimizing your processes

Directly impact the day-to-day life of users by making documents flow through your processes.

Can any customer enjoy the benefits of having an intelligent document manager?

Intelligent document management software can help any company in any industry.

Athento has use cases in sectors such as insurance, banking, construction, automotive, airlines, education, commerce, industry and many others.

Your industry can also benefit from intelligent document management!