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Smart Document Capture Software:

Save yourself manual work with content capture

Document Capture means uploading documents that were formerly in paper format or actual digital files to an electronic document repository, extracting relevant data from them. With most ECM  and  Document Management Document Management solutions, people have to carry out too many manual tasks, which means bigger costs in terms of time and money. With Athento Capture, we can help you make this capturing process an automatic one. Speed up your business, boost your processes efficiency and save money with a Document Capture Software solution like Athento.

How does Athento make your Document Capture easier?

Connect Athento with your scanner:  Digitize from one place, or from various locations (see distributed document capture).

Capture documents that are attachments, from faxes and e-mails: The mailroom can keep track of your e-mails and your faxes..

Capture as much as you want:  Use Athento to digitize a document, or to track a folder connected to a scanner for massive digitization jobs.

Separate groups of documents (batches): If you save groups of documents that have been scanned together into one file, Athento can separate the file into separated documents, at the capture stage, and then send the different files to different locations to be stored.

Recognize and classify documents: Athento can identify types of documents so that they can be saved in one specific location, or to trigger a workflow.

Extract data and Approve extracted data: You can extract data automatically and save them as metadata or use them in other applications. You can also manually validate and correct data whenever you want.
Share intelligence: Send data to your business applications or other ECM platforms. Whether it’s with  Nuxeo, Alfresco, SharePoint or any other ECM systems that implement CMIS. Athento Capture also integrates smoothly with SAP and other ERP solutions, providing you time reduction with things like invoice automation.

Advanced capture functionality for your documents

To achieve an accuracy rate of 98% in classifying documents, Athento Capture uses technologies like Neural Networks (NN), a branch of Artificial Intelligence. And more than that, Athento uses an advanced algorithm which combines Color Analysis (CA),OCR and Natural Language Processing in document classification.

For data extraction, the Template Creator module allows you to create field extraction forms (zonal OCR technology) so structured documents are very well captured and your organization can grow with no limitations in the number of templates.

The best option on the market

It’s not only because Athento Capture offers you the most advanced technology with the best results: Athento is also one of the few document capture software products capable of integration with any document management system.

Athento Capture also offers you the possibility of capturing large volumes of documents  from various places (see distributed capture).

Power in automatic data extraction

Athento Capture allows various technologies of automatic data extraction, depending on what type of document you need to process. Some of these technologies include zonal OCR, visual creation of templates (Template Creator), Text Analysis, PNL and  Semantics.

However, its true power lies in its capacity to share these data with other systems, whether they be metadata for a document management system, or as data to feed other business applications.

It may be SAP, Oracle ERP, Microsoft Dinamics or Sharepoint. You name it!

Grow your efficiency and automation letting Athento work for your business.

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