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How does Athento work?

Define your models

In order for Athento to able to classify your documents automatically and extract information from
them, you first need to create a model. A model shows Athento what a document is like, and where the information to be extracted is located.

Process your docs

Athento does the dirty work each time you upload a document and extracts the data you’ve previously identified in your model. Once auto-processing is complete, Athento then asks you to verify the results.

Use the knowledge contained in your docs

You’ll be able to use the information obtained by Athento in your business software (accounting apps, ERP, etc) as well as ECM software. By sharing this information, you can automate many of your business processes.

Define your models

Athento comes prepared with 20 pre-loaded models, but creating your own models is also fast and easy. All you need to do is to upload a document type and identify some of the document’s characteristics and the information that you want to extract.




Process your documents

Athento applies unique algorithms that analyze images, text, color and OCR and allows it to understand your documents. You can process documents saved in your document manager (via CMIS) or e-mail, hot folders, and other applications


Use the knowledge contained in your documents

Using web services and Athento’s API, you’ll be able to export your results to other software programs. Athento offers you various examples of scripts in different languages that you’ll be able to integrate Athento with your applications



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