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Distributed Capture with Athento Capture


Athento Capture offers support for distributed capture, which permits your organization to digitalize documents and capture content from different locations, and centralize them so that you can centralize their processing. Doing this helps to avoid costs that come from moving documents from place to place, and focuses on the centralization of content.

Power in document capture

Banks, government bodies and other large institutions and businesses generate documents from various main or branch offices, but they still want to keep their documentation in one central location. Distributed capture makes it possible for those documents to be processed from one single point.

Athento Capture and its Scanner module allows various scanner stations to connect by using the TWAIN standard protocol, with a single server that hosts Athento Capture.

Thanks to the possibilities of Athento Capture, it’s possible to even out workloads through the use of  Athento Hot Folder, so that the demand placed on broadband is not that great.

Another of the advantages offered by distributed capture through Athento Capture is that it doesn’t make you dependent on an ECM platform. It’s possible to connect to your document repository through CMIS.



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