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If you are looking for a flexible and scalable alternative to SharePoint, or for a document management software more powerful, you are on the right page. Compare Athento vs SharePoint
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Athento vs SharePoint

With Athento you will have an Enterprise solution that allows you to grow without depending on integrators and scale without sacrificing performance. If your company works with SharePoint, Athento also offers integration with this platform.

Meet Athento as an alternative to SharePoint


Customizing SharePoint to meet enterprise business needs requires external applications, plugins or developments. This means more complexity. Athento, an alternative to SharePoint, offers a low-code vision that allows business users to configure their processes.

More complex


Customizations add considerable difficulty in upgrading SharePoint, making the use of obsolete versions frequent. SharePoint maintenance and updates require technical resources and time. With Athento you have monthly, automatic and transparent updates for your customizations.

Ease of maintenance
More difficult to maintain


SharePoint users often face information silos and disorganized growth of content and information. On the other hand, not applying adequate retention policies becomes a technological risk due to the limits of the platform.

Ease of governance
More difficult to govern


SharePoint is not designed to handle large volumes of information. The limits of the platform are well known, for example, the limit of 60M documents or the maximum size of these limited to 10GB. Performance and indexing problems are frequent above certain volumes.

Much more scalable
Less scalable


SharePoint is an excellent collaborative tool. Its portals, native integration with Microsoft ecosystem tools that users are more than accustomed to, make it a versatile collaboration platform. Athento does not offer low-code support for web portals, but it does offer integration with Office365.


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