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If you are looking for a modern and scalable alternative to OnBase, and you want to reduce the technological complexity of your information systems, you are on the right page. Compare Athento vs OnBase
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Athento vs OnBase

Win the battle against technological obsolescence with Athento, a cloud-native content management platform with which you will have automatic and transparent updates for your configurations. Improve your users' experience with a single interface, while reducing the complexity of having to maintain multiple clients.

Meet Athento as an alternative to OnBase


OnBase adds complexity to your information system with its multiple desktop clients, modules and configuration tools. With Athento you have a single platform from which you can access all the functionality of the product.

More complex

User experience

With Athento - unlike OnBase - you will have a single web interface, with a consistent user experience and modern functionality. You will reduce the time and effort users spend learning how to use the platform.

Improved UX
More difficult to use


Athento -unlike OnBase- is a platform designed for cloud environments, although it can operate in Onpremises, SaaS, PaaS, Azure, AWS, OVH mode: choose the flavor you like the most! With Athento as an alternative to OnBase you will get a modern and scalable architecture.

Native Cloud
Cloud compatibility


With Athento you can forget about complex updates and migration projects to new versions. With Athento, the alternative to OnBase, you have monthly, automatic and transparent updates for your customizations.

Always updated


With Athento you will get more agility in every way: faster technology, a REST API with which you can integrate your applications in 45 minutes, new functionality every month, low-code design -without extra modules- that radically reduces implementation times.


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If you have already decided to change your ECM tool or acquire one and you are looking for an alternative to OnBase, contact us and we will guide you.

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