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Document Management for Human Resources

All your employee history in one place

It stores and manages the documentation that is produced and received throughout the employee's entire life cycle, from the time he/she is an applicant until he/she becomes inactive as an employee.

The challenges of Document Management for Human Resources

Throughout the employee’s lifecycle – from the time he/she is a candidate until he/she becomes an inactive employee – many events occur that generate documentation: selection, hiring, onboarding, development, promotions, evaluations, support and help, absences and leaves, conflicts, payments and payrolls, etc. This documentation usually ends up scattered in different systems or locations, causing us to lose traceability and a complete view of the employee’s history.

Different areas intervene and work with this documentation, especially in large companies where the people management function is subdivided into specialized areas (talent attraction, recruitment, welfare and retention, risk prevention, OSH management, etc.). Collaboration and access control to documents, which in many cases contain sensitive information, represents a challenge for the organization.

They have Document Management processes for Human Resources with Athento:

What do you gain with Document Management for Human Resources?

Gestión documental para Recursos Humanos

What Human Resources processes can you automate and optimize with Athento?

Athento processes and functionalities to transform the way your HR department works.

Recruitment and Selection

Support and Employee Self-Management

And when your partner is no longer a partner, we can help you too

Implements employee documentation retention and retention periods. Manages requests and issuance of certificates for former employees. Increases HR/Legal efficiency for the management of contentious employee files.

A Cloud ready for corporate needs

Because your organization needs flexibility without compromising on security

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Use case: Paperless Employee Recruitment Process

Centralized documentation for efficient procurement!

The employee recruitment process is still often paper-intensive. Moreover, it is a procedure involving different actors such as employees, HR departments, management companies and temporary employment agencies.

With Athento it is possible to keep the documentation under strict centralized control to comply with legal regulations and maintain traceability of related actions in a completely digital, paperless process!

Generation of documents from templates

Discover how to generate documents in a massive and automated way with Athento. This functionality can be used, for example, to generate in an automated way the Prevention documents of your employees (for example EPIs), Contracts -if your country allows it-, communications and many other documents that can be generated from templates and from the data you have about the employee.

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