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Customisable dashboards! Configure your customised dashboard

Discover Athento's new customisable dashboards, a user experience with more control and power 🚀 #easysetup #lowcode
¡Dashboards personalizables! Configura tu panel de trabajo a medida
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Multiple customisable dashboards to streamline day-to-day tasks and increase operational efficiency

You will love Athento’s new customisable dashboards functionality 🎉

Dashboards are a very useful management element in the day-to-day work of Athento users. Panels for quick access to documents pending approval, invoices to be processed or lists of documents that you work with frequently. Dashboards that are now much more dynamic and usable than ever!

Athento’s new customisable dashboards allow you to add different panels by groups and can be created at Team level, indicating the groups of users that will use it. These new customisable dashboards allow you to insert elements such as:

This functionality is especially interesting for those organisations that have different processes that are transversal. Having a customised dashboard for each process or role of the same process allows them to avoid mixing the workbaskets of different processes and/or avoiding workbaskets with a high number of elements, which makes it difficult to quickly access what they want to work on.

In this way, your dashboard will only show the documents that are relevant to your process. A major upgrade in usability that allows you to quickly access the documents and processes you work with every day and that will make your life easier.

And what you will like the most is that configuring them is very easy and fun. In the new Athento dashboards it is possible to position and choose dashboard elements by dragging them. Low-code and without dependence on expensive development. In real time you will be able to activate and create different dashboards.

Do you want to see how it works? Don’t miss this video where in less than two minutes we show how it works:

If you want to start setting up multiple customisable dashboards now, see the product documentation: Creating multiple customisable dashboards for teams.

Athento drives your processes to be faster and more accurate. If you also want to transform your business processes, write to us and tell us about your challenges.