Smart digital content platform

Smart Digital Content Platform

Custom design for public pages now available!!!!


Now you can control the complete design and layout of your public forms.

Public forms are one of Athento’s most popular features. They allow users without access to the platform to upload data and/or documents. These simple web pages are ideal for working with customers, suppliers, and other users because of their ease of use and simplicity. They can also be linked from our website or corporate portal.

In this release, the product introduces an improvement that allows you to customize the look&feel and content of these pages to adjust them to your corporate branding. The template can be modified from a graphic editor in Athento itself.

See the documentation for this feature.

template editor

New features

  • Athento can now read electronic invoices from Colombia through the electronic-colombian-invoice-reading-operation. This operation allows processing an electronic invoice in zip format, extracting automatically the fields contained in the XML.

  • It is now possible to generate URLs for the creation of documents with a given form, which have the same appearance as a public form but require users to authenticate in order to register a document. More Information

  • Now you can add a help video to a team template. This video can be played when creating a team from a template.

  • For a button type field, it is now possible to define the color of the button from the field configuration.


  • From the Spaces list, it is now possible to export an excel list with the different spaces and the number of documents they contain.

  • Now you can decide if you want the query of the documents in a queue to be made against Elastic Search and not against the database. This functionality is recommended for queues with many documents to improve their loading times.

  • Now the Copy button in the quick action bar of the document view, allows you to select the space in which the new document will be created, as well as the form to be used. In case of selecting a form different from the original one, the values of the fields will not be copied, only the main file will be copied.

  • The preview button is added in the new search.

  • Optimization in the assignment of permissions by object

  • Optimization of searches by exact expressions.

  • Modification of document check-in and check-out endpoints. Check-in: POST /file/api/file/{uuid}/lock/ Check-out: POST /file/api/file/{uuid}/unlock/

  • Several usability improvements in the document view.

  • The styles of the asterisk shown to indicate that a field is required have been standardized. The change affects the document view and the Fields tab of the form.

  • In the field configuration, the “Metadata type” label has been changed to “Field Settings”. The translation has been adjusted as well.

  • In the form settings tab: *The name of the first panel has been updated to Form Info. *Contextual help has been added for the basic configuration parameters *The screen layout has been modified to make it more uniform *Corrections have been made to the structure of the panels. *Now the table of private and public URLs is only displayed in case the option is active.


  • Invalidate the cache so that the field labels are displayed correctly after the creation of a field in the Fields tab of the form administration.

  • The option to send an approval email is now only visible for cases where a document has either a main file or related documents.

  • Fixed bug that did not allow the interaction in a document with the lifecycle when the lifecycle is not active.

  • Fixed bug in the translation of tags.

  • Bugfix in the deletion of the team logo.

  • In the field configuration, in the Javascript Validation panel, the displayed tag is now conditioned. If there is no code, none is shown, if there is code and it has not been approved, under_review is shown, if it has been approved, approved.

  • Fixed bug that prevented the autofocus to work in modal fields.