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If you are looking for alternatives to Docuware or a document management software, you are on the right page. Compare Athento vs Docuware
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Athento vs Docuware

With Athento you will have more features included in your account and growing will not be a headache. You will be able to scale easily in storage, but also enjoy independence and autonomy from integrators or manufacturers. Discover Athento as one of the most powerful alternatives to Docuware on the market.


Athento's plans include more storage capacity than Docuware's. In addition, the price of the extra TB in Athento is a price designed so that storing large volumes of documents is not a problem.

Storage 90%
Storage 25%


With Athento you are autonomous to configure your workflows, activate integrations, add forms, customize your fields and much more. You will not depend on integrators or manufacturers to grow. Among the alternatives to Docuware, Athento is a Low code product.

Customization 95%
Customization 35%


Many more features included in your plan. Sign with digital certificates without integrations, allow external users to upload documents or consult documents without having to hire extra users and more.

Completeness 90%
Completeness 60%


Sin duda una de las mejores funcionalidades de Docuware, que te permite disfrutar de un repertorio de plantillas listas para usar. The advantage with Athento is that if you need to incorporate new templates, you can do it yourself without technical intervention.

OCR 75%
OCR 90%


With Athento you enjoy new functionality every month, product integrations with third-party applications and more. All updates are included in our cloud service.

Evolution 95%
Evolution 60%

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